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Metal shavings in kief :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bar, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, i managed to cross-thread my grinder at the kief compartment. I had to rather forcefully separate it again and i now have some small splinters in my kief. I've tried using tweezers to remove most of them but i can't get all of them out. Would it be possible to smoke it out of a bong still? Like slow rip it in a larger tube or use a perc?
  2. I say just hit it bro. In all reality if its a good grinder then the kief will melt before the metal. If the metal is really thin though maybe just make a kief fire cracker. OR some kief personal oil. Or kief scrambled eggs.
  3. Personally, I would: soak it in Iso or grain alcohol, strain it out using a coffee filter, evap the alcohol to make a concentrate, and then either smoke or eat that.... little to no loss, and a bit healthier/safer. :)
  4. dude if you smoke it out of a Bing im sure the metal won't make it past the water.

    almost certain i have seen this tread a while ago though... like same thread.

  5. But i mean it isn't that dangerous to eat little metal shavings right? He could make an edible now.

    The fumes from the metal would make through man.
  6. time to get a space case
  7. I assume its magnetically attractive? Got any strong refrigerator magnets laying around?
  8. Genius, thank you! I'll report back soon. Thanks guys!
  9. The amount of digestive-tract irritation, or the potential for serious complications and discomfort, would really depend on the exact metal/composition of the grinder, and the size and number of the individual fragments.. if they are large enough that he's able to pick them out with a tweezer, and if there are enough fragments that it's getting monotonous or pointless to continue picking them out, that sounds like it's just over the level of debris I'd want to avoid, if possible. :p

    Aluminum foil used for cooking is at least somewhat soft if it tears and a small part gets eaten, and we're aware that its oral toxicity is relatively low... but I honestly couldn't say one way or the other, how safe the material is that his grinder is made from.
  10. Magnet wont pick them out, i was thinking of putting the kief through the gauze again and hopefully they wont make it back through.
  11. True, but my old cheapo grinder prior to my space case was not pure aluminum and when the teeth started cutting into the metal I used a magnet on mine and since it wasn't pure I was able to pick them up with a neodymium magnet. Not sure if he's in the same situation or not
  12. If its aluminum then munch away...
  13. #14 hippie4u, Nov 25, 2011
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  14. magnet?? and id smoke it even with the shavings depending on how much was in there

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