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Metal Pipe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by smokinbomb, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. I got a new pipe a few weeks back, i bought it because it had a cap, which is pretty convienant, but ive used this style of pipe since i was 16, (19 now) and recently i learned that aluminum is linked to alzeimers, (thankfully i havent used a soda can since i was 16 lol), but what im starting to wonder is what kind of metal are these cheap metal pipes made from? steel? aluminum? im almost certain the main stem pipe part of this pipe is aluminum, its lighter in color an weight, but the mouthpiece, bowl an part connected to the bowl are a solid metal... would anyone know what metal it is?

    i bought this pipe at a depaneur conerstore, it seems every corner store in Quebec has a pipe lol, there around 6$-12$

    sorry the pic isnt very clear, but it gives a basic depiction of what the pipes look like, there all the same around here.

    if anyone knows let me know Thanks!:D

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  2. Test it by putting a magnet next to it if it sticks then its not aluminum and aluminum is easily scratched with steel
    its probably stainless steel and the reason it is light is that its probably hollow in some parts but you should get a glass spoon
  3. why is this in this section...
  4. Thanks for the great advice TJJ im gonna try to find a magnet =D

    i had a ridicoulously small glass pipe before, it was like 2 1/2 inches long, i kept burnin my nose lmao, but i really like these metal pipes because of the screens, screens kept poppin out of my glass pipe.,

    and i like the taste of the metall-chron lol
  5. This is most definitely the wrong place for this thread
  6. I'm sure he's very sorry he placed this in the wrong sub-forum. Now instead of a pointless post complaining....

    It's probably steel. I can't see it very well, but it looks a little like the piece I keep in my car and that is a steel pipe (you could get all the parts, sans bowl, from home depot). If you worry, get a wooden bowl. I'm assuming this is the kind that has a threaded bowl you can unscrew, and any headshop should have replacable bowls for a few dollars. That is the only part that will come in direct contact with flame.

    Besides, those reports are unverified. Don't fear aluminum, it has done nothing wrong here.
  7. Dude, take that fuckin' thing and throw it off a bridge or something. Metal pipes absolutely ruin the taste of good weed. Do yourself a favor, throw it away, go to your local smoke shop, and buy yourself a nice glass bowl. Jeez, rookies. :rolleyes:
  8. You won't get alzheimers from burning weed in aluminum with a disposable lighter. It does NOT give off any smoke or vapor. It would have to be a thin piece of foil for it to burn. Don't buy into all of that nonsense.
  9. It looks like he forgot this is the wrong section...he may be fucked.

  10. I checked with a magnet an it seems to be steel,, although the aluminum use linked to alzeimers isnt for sure, i just dont wanna put my own health at risk if i dont have to, i wanna live to be old an have a long gandalf beard an be smokin ganja for as long as i exist lol, with alzeimers i might get too high for my own good at that age.. or it'll be a new experiance each time, lol

    as for everyone panicking over the fact i posted this is this section, this is my first post, an i figured the veteran mj smokers would know best,

    and i know nobody seems to like metal pipe taste.. but it works great with bubble hash, an i honestly dont taste much other than the weed,

    i agree that nothing tastes nicer than a brand new glass pipe.. but i make do with what i got,
  11. bah. The snobs can piss off, smoking out of a metal pipe tastes fine. Seriously though, go get a wooden bowl if you worry. When I bought my pipe, they popped one on it for no charge because that's what I prefer.
  12. How does the wooden bowl taste? ive tried one once, just one hit i didnt notice much difference in taste, does the wood ever burn?:confused:
  13. all the more reason to get a glass pipe :)
  14. metal pipes are only for 14 year olds.....smoke out of something better on your lungs...like maybe tin foil or pepsi cans?
  15. ya just go and straight up stuff a hard plastic bic pen with weed and smoke that bitch its much better than metal because we all know that metal is satan laughing at our use of plant put on this earth by god
  16. Metal pipes are fine. LOL. I have a proto-pipe that is AWESOME for campin and shit. As a matter of fact for any type of travel/smokin metal pipes are much more convenient.
  17. LMFAO HArdcore but u always gotta do what u gotta to get highh,

    this is the same brand pipe i got, thinking back ive had 3 metal pipes before with this same packaging,,

    they really range in designs, mine didnt come with screens but has a lid, the screens are easy to get though,

    Metal Pipe with Pack of Screens - Dutch - Grasscity.com
  18. yeah, but metals do tend to last longer for me anyways, once you have a few glass, and you set it on your lap to re-pack or something, and you have to get up, and forgot .... lol, and careless buddys -.- pay you back with more ganja tho :smoking:
  19. yea i had a small glass bong an i pulled out the stem an bowl an was too baked an dropped it in the sink,, it was a sad time, but i shoved the glass stem back in an a metal pipe bowl into the rubber seal half an half, an it worked GREAT,,
    (for anyone with the misfortune of breakin your bong stem)
  20. your fine your lighter probably doesnt have enough heat to vaporize the aluminum, and if anything youll get Alzheimer's from your deodorant use everyday before you get it from smoking that

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