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metal pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Enjoy The Ride, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. anyone else smoke out of a metal pipe a lot?

    I like to because its the easiest piece to collect your resin. I like to put a stem in my chamber and my elbow so it forms a nice rez chunk for me..the cap helps conserve smoke and it helps even more rez collection..I love giving people bowl burns to:D plus it can never break..ive broken like 10 glass pieces including 2 beautiful bongs, in my lifetime so i dont have the best luck
  2. ya i own a cheap ass metal pipe but its still probably my favorite piece to smoke out of... very strange coincidence, i just smoked all my res from mine LOL
  3. yeah i like makin weed patties..rez on the bottom of the bowl..weed in the middle..adn some rez on top
  4. never smoked out of a metal pipe, but i would imagine the taste is different than that to a glass
  5. ewww....u must be 50! NOBODY SMOKES OUT OF THOSE ANYMORE MAN
  6. #6 Enjoy The Ride, Jun 3, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2009
    No im 18. I smoke to get high, not to look cool doin it..metal pipes are the easiest to scrape so all the different strains i smoke are all mixed and when i smoke that rez get pretty thats all i care about..I Still smoke out of my bong just becuz theres nothing like a nice bong load.. but its harder to get the rez from that you all about conserving weed and using my resources i guess..moneys tight these days...SORRY FOR SOUNDING LIKE I WAS 50 AND TALKIN IN CAPS MANNNNN
  7. U will get higher with glass. Smokin outta metal is alot harsher on your lungs. sux u gotta smoke resin too! NEVER put resin on top of your herb! And dont mix your strains man...Thats just my advice!
  8. no i can control my hits with the metal pipe..its almost better for my lungs..theres nothing really to harsh about..i get nice controlled hits..and mixing strains is pretty you a different high..i guess thats just me to wierd
  9. Most metal pipes dont come with a carb.... with glass u can def control your hits wayyy better... U are prolly smoking regs..right? No other reason why u would be smoking out of a metal pipe with a metal screen and shit...:confused:
  10. you dont need a carb to control your hits need a brain haa..its not that doesnt get you higher? i guess it could if you say so, but you should prove that to me first..the thc gets your high not the pipe
  11. i agree, glass pipes do hit better but i like my metal pipe for when im by myself trying to conserve as much as i can. i actually find it harder to control ur hit with a carb. its just one more thing you gott think bout.
  12. I'm sure many other agree, glass pipes are the best, but why.
    They smoke smooth, they look super cool, and they are easy to clean.

    The variations are unlimited for colors/color schemes. Unlike metal bowls once you see them you've seen them all. I also think the taste is just different out of metal bowls man?? U dont think so?? I agree maybe if i was going camping or tailgating at a party or somethin because its safer and shit but not on a reg basis. If your smoking commercial or mid grade, u should def be smoking blunts or joints.
  13. I was basically about to say this. Also, metal is more durable, more compact, easier to clean, and there are some with little screw-on caps that let you turn it into a stealth pipe. I have one that can be converted into a one-hitter whenever that's more practical. Try to find that versatility with glass.
  14. Hey way to rep the metal, i dig mine you don't need glass with a carb to control a hit its just all about your breathing and your control over that, from my personal experience the taste from a hit of a metal pipe has always been my more pleasant than that of any of my glass pieces i don't understand why everyone must be so judgmental of each others smoking method its all personal preferance essentially subjective to each individual
  15. i prefer glass, but metal is deff good for on the go, festivals ect...

    Im suprised no one has said this, but, man dont burn people with the bowl... its a dick move
  16. Don't listen to these fools man, metal is where it's at. I only wish I still had my metal pipe. It was green with that screw on cap so I could walk around with it loaded. I'd just sneak 1 toke whenever i had a few seconds to myself, it was pimp!

    Then I lost it to the Vice Principle, but that's another story.

    P.S. I love how the bowl's so small so I can say I smoked like 10 bowls when it was actually like 2 glass pipe bowls :p
  17. I was thinking, I love both really. But for one.. you can't really take your bong on a car ride or through the woods with you, and little glass pipes just aren't more durable than a metal one, no matter how you flip it.

    Also you can throw caution to the wind whilst cleaning it, and get violent with that motherfucker. Nor do you have to baby your metal pipe when letting your friends load it, the only thing to worry about is them possibly jabbing a hole through a perfectly good screen.

    However, I want to see a metal bong with all of the accoutrements of a RooR.

    I love my glass bong for at home though... soo good. lol

    *2 cents*

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