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  1. So i've had this pipe that I bought that I thought was completely safe to smoke from, Then I read about metal poisoning and shit and started getting a little anxious.
    This is how the pipe looks like ;
    Its made from metal, Not sure exactly which kind and that stuff.
    Another bad thing i've done is clean it with water alot of times, It smells really bad and looks like shit.
    I took a straw and put it inside the hole to try and clean it and it comes out with like a sort of sticky orange looking substance, I dont know its kinda weird coloring, Sorta dark orange or somthing like that and its really sticky.
    I binge smoked with this pipe in this condiation for like a whole 15gram, It tasted really bad aswell.
    I obviously would never smoke from it anymore but im wondering how dangerous is this really? and could I have gotten some kind of metal poisoning from that binge ?

  2. Looks like a normal metal chillum.. you can get those almost anywhere.
    It most likely tastes bad because of the resin, try soaking it in ISO to clean it. 
    No idea about the orange stuff, resin is never orange
  3. Orange stuff could be rust if you've been cleaning it with water, but I can't know for sure

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  4. If there is rust inside of it is it dangerous to smoke from it then?
    Could it contribite to Heavy Metal poisoning or what exactly would be the dangers from it?
  5. heavy metal poisoning obviously sounds metal as fuck lol.
  6. I would buy a new pipe, only because the rust. The rust won't kill you as far as I know, maybe some respiratory inflammation and discomfort. And it'll taste like shit. But yeah, buy a new pipe, they're only like $15 at your lhs, or online you can find one on etsy for like $10 I'm sure.
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    Itd only rust if it was made of iron and i duno much about metal pipes ive never had one.
    just get glass so much simpler and if your afraid of it breakin get a double or triple blown. itll be more money but more bulky and durable
  8. So from what I gather the rust wont contribute to getting Heavy Metal poisoning.
    Which is really all I wanna know, Is there any chance I could have gotten Heavy Metal Poisioning from my 15g binge with this thing? since I cleaned with water and such, Like I said i'm never obviously going to smoke from this thing again.
    I'm in alot of different drug withdrawals and have alot of symptoms from that , and some of them are also kind of similar towards heavy metal poisioning but those symptoms also get caused by the drug withdrawals that i'm in , so it most likely is becouse of all the withdrawals 99,9% sure but I dont want to miss anything and would just like to know if there is any dangers.
  9. Heavy metal poisoning requires heavy metal to start with..... Gold, thallium, lead, mercury, etc. iron is not a heavy metal and since it's rusting it wasn't galvanized which is good. Get a new pipe man... Or even make your own wood pipe.
  10. if you can, go to a headshop; ask for a one-hitter in glass. a decent one will only be 6 bucks and will give you piece of mind. :)

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