Metal Pipe Question

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by CanadaGanj, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hey GC, just a quick question about generic metal pipes. I need to keep a low profile, so i want a small, basic piece to smoke from. I'm proably going to purchase a metal pipe from my local shop. I've already gone there to check em out, and they all come with a pack of screens. Do i need to use the screen? I currently own a glass spoon, zong and multiple homemade toking tools, so I have a fairly decent understanding of how harsh different smoking devices can be, but what would happen if i didnt use the screen? it just seems like a bother to me. How long do they last each? The hole doesnt seem any bigger than the one on my spoon, and i hit that just fine, so share your opinion please. :p If there is another thread regarding this issue, please redirect me, i didnt come across anything using the search function. Anyway , thanks alot.
  2. hmm. personally, i hate metal pipes haha way more harsh than it has to be!
    but i've seen a lot of pieces with screens over the hole.

    My friends always argue that it saves weed, & it keeps you from pulling the ash through.
    I guess it depends on the piece mostly though :eek:

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