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Metal Pipe.. dangerous in microwave?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShockeD, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Wanna get the resin outta my metal pipe by putting it in water and leaving it in the microwave for a few.

    Is this safe?
  2. ummm are you trying to dry it or something? Why not use a napkin
    and i dont think it would be safe
  3. someone who isn't a moron please.
  4. lol last time i checked i wasnt the one trying to put a metal pipe in the microwave
  5. That's not the thing to say when your question is just as moronic as his statement. Metal is not safe in a microwave. Period. I don't know why you would think a metal pipe would be different than any other form of metal :/
  6. if anything heat the water in the microwave first then take it out and put the pipe in. depending on the type of metal it could spark up or it could not.
    why not use a pot on the stove and boil it for a few minutes?
    or just use some rubbing alcohol
  7. Anything metal in a microwave will ark. I assume most pipes are also made out of aluminum, which will ark in a microwave.

    So, no.
  8. you shouldent put any type of metal in a microwave period.
  9. gotcha, thanks.
  10. Yes, your metal pipe should be perfectly fine in the microwave.
    I always put mine in for about 5 minutes, seems to do the trick to get resin out.
  11. damn bro your in 248, so am i.
  12. By the way.. this kind of attitude will not get you far here..
  13. dude first this wont do shit to the resign and if u put anything metal in the microwave it catches on fire and breaks the microwave. and then u want to add water??? thats a great way to kill urself. metal+electricity+water is not a good equation and all it means is youra complete dumbass

  14. ^^ yess i also use this method works every time.

  15. u must have a lot of broken microwaves and maybe a burnt down house?

  16. let's not kid around, you're the moron for asking such a dumb question.
    I'm rude, but hell man. You shouldn't be rude when you're asking a question!

  17. smd :)
  18. Well the last time it was tried it caused an explosion that killed thousands...but if you're willing to take that risk...

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