Metal Or Plastic Grinder?

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  1. Hey, I am going to buy my first grinder soon. I want one because im starting to roll joints now and it's much easier and faster to use a grinder instead of breaking up the weed myself. Are metal grinders better than plastic ones? I am going to go to a local smoke shop and they sell a lot of brand name stuff. I am looking at this space case grinder for around $30
    I was wondering if that is a good grinder. I do not want any metal stuff in my weed after im done grinding it. All of the $60 are all 4 pieces and stuff, im looking for a kief catcher or anything just a good grinder that doesn't leave any metal shavings in the weed. I mostly roll joints so I need a grinder. Also how often do you get a new grinder. I smoke weed about 2 or 3 times a week.

  2. I personally prefer 4pc grinders because they have a kief catcher as well as a little chamber that collects your ground up nug so you don't have to dump it all out like you do with a 2pc.
    I've heard good things about space case, so they're probably a good grinder to go with. I've personally never owned a plastic grinder, so I can't say anything about them.
  3. Metal,
    I prefer 4 piece. But id rather have a high quality 4 piece than a low quality 2 piece
  4. I own a $7 4 piece aluminum grinder from amazon and have never had an issue with it. When I first got it, I instantly put it under a faucet and rinsed it with isopropyl alcohol. That pretty much cleaned it and I never have shavings. But I will agree that my $7 grinder takes longer to grind than a space case would because of the blade difference.
    Reason why I went with $7 grinder is because I don't smoke often and thought I could use my money towards something else.
  5. Makes sense. If you don't smoke often, why spend the extra $. Although I've never had a problem selling my old grinders, so I usually recover about 1/2 of what I spent.
  6. Metal is definitely nicer than plastic because it doesn't look as cheap as plastic and is more durable.  The one you chose would work but you wouldn't be getting the best use of your bud from it.  You need to get a metal grinder with more pieces, maybe around 4?  This allows you to grind your buds fine and gather any kief underneath that you can use to smoke and get even higher later.
  7. Metal I got a Kanistor jar and it was worth every penny
    It was 60 btw
  8. I found that metal grinders seem to kill the weed scent pretty well, all depends whether you think that's a good thing or not :)
    There is soooo much wrong with this post, I'm not quite sure where to start.
    First off, when it comes to the plastic Storz & Bickle (makers of the Volcano Vaporizer) grinder, it is better and more durable than many of the cheaper metal grinders on the market.
    Secondly, you don't need to get a metal grinder with more pieces.    Many of us, myself included, desire to keep as much keif in our bud ALL THE TIME, so in this case, a 2pc grinder makes more sense.
    Three, a 2pc grinder will grind your bud finer than a 4 piece because you can grind it for as long as you want without the bud falling through the holes in a 4 pc.      Of course, you can turn your 4pc upside down for a finer grind, but that brings up other issues that you have to deal with.
  10. space case or other high quality grinders are worth there weight and cost in weed

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