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metal in my bubbler

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pack3rstoner, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. The other day i was hanging out with my friend, and we were out of weed, so we decided to scrape our pieces for resin. so she was using a safety pin to scrape my bubler, when the thin metal broke and half of the safety pin fell into my bubbler. The wholes are too small for tweezers or anythihng to grab it, and at this point idek where the metal piece is inside the bubbler. So my question is, does it matter that theres a small piece of metal in my bubbler? Is it bad for you or something? if so, any ideas on how to get it out? thanks guys
  2. lol some pictures might help....
  3. well, if the sharp end is inside it it could impale you or if it's below the water line it may rust and put off chemical's or byproducts that you wouldnt want to inhale try some form of a magnet to get it out
  4. If it rusts yeah depends what type of metal it is.
  5. yea this is what i was afraid of. it IS below the water line, so I really really doubt it could impale me, plus the neck is too curvy for the metal to be pulled out. ill try the magnet idea, but idrk if its magnetic
  7. I'd see the brand of paper clip, and check online metal contents. To check whether it would rust in there. Also check if sucking on it hard will pull it wouldn't want to swallow half a paperclip. Try using a magnet or shaking...submerging in water and shaking see if it dislodges. And yes pics would help.
  8. Dude just wash your piece and it'll come out

    (what she said)
  9. yes, i have!! and it almost worked, but then it got stuck somewhere, and i had to use another safety pin to get it unstuck, then it like flicked off and got stuck somewhere else and i cant find it

    ill get some pics up soon
  10. Yeo brotha, you need either: Rubbing alcohol/ISO alcohol, Vodka, or Aloe nail polish remover (or non aloe if you are a crazy nizzler and don't give a fuck about you piece) or something flammable along the lines, and sea salt. fill 1/8th-1/4 with sea salt, and the same amount on top with your flammable shit. Cover all holes with your fingers (you can do it, I've done it on bongs, pipes, water pipes, vape pieces, everything)... SHAKE THE FUCK OUT OF IT NOW!!! Shake it around and swirl it around for like 5 minutes, I guarantee you every fucking thing will come out of that bubbler, and it will hit/look like it's brand new again.

  11. ill take this as a challenge, i really doubt this will work but ill give it a shot lol
  12. I hope it works for ya bro!!

  13. It took me about 2 hours of cleaning and shaking, but it finally worked! thanks for the help guys, props to banshee for the good advice:smoke:

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  14. Looks good man, glad I could help! :)

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