Metal Halide Wattage

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  1. hi i was thinking about buying me some Metal Halide bulbs and i want to know what wattage to use for growing..please respond thanks

  2. That depends on what you want to grow. How many plants? What size of a grow area?

    For most average setups I wouldn't recommend less than 400W if you can afford it.

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  3. 400W will manage up to 6 plants, and is a popular wattage. I have one.
  4. Alright thanks
  5. def 400 watter is the way 2 go!!
  6. I like my 400W but I do wish I had gone for the 600W instead.

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  7. It all depends on your space and goals. Yes 400w is the best choice for many, but it could be overkill if you want to grow only 1-2 plants and creates additional heat you need to manage plus runs up your electric bill unnecessarily. Conversely, it could be too small for your space or goals.
  8. I was wondering how the Metal Halide lighting compares to HPS.

    I know this chart is for HPS, but does anyone know if it may be useful for MH lighting, or maybe there is a similar chart for MH?

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    Well im going to be growing six plants in a four by four closet were can i get them anyway?

  10. Yeah you can do six plants with that light.

    Where can you get what? a Metal Halide setup? I recommend getting a kit from HTGsupply
    on eBay or something.

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  11. Most of us buy them online. I got mine from a lighting specialist - good quality and cheaper than a ripoff grow shop.
  12. I have a few more questions can they fit into a regular light bulb socket i broke a lamb and took the wires out so u can like hang it up and how close should the bulbs be to the plant??
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    MH lamps do NOT just plug into a light socket. They have to have a ballast, and they run HOT, they need a ceramic socket, not plastic. Many of them have a 40 mm screw base - standard lamp socket is 27 mm.

    Here is my setup. Lamp screws into a 40mm ceramic base.

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    ohh shit i never knew how big they were lol (im new at this kind of stuff) well i guess ill go online and buy me a kit thanks:)

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