Metal Halide Vs Flooros

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DankNess, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. O.k.. What is up YALl? I am curious as to which light is best for vegging.. Can i use both mh an fl? The city seems to think (if my research is correct) MH is best.. i have a hps i could use IN ADDITION to the MH.. SHOULD I USE THEM ALL?? 150watt HPS. 250 hps- with a MH conversion bulb and two floros... Should i use them all? Or just the MH? THANKS in advance all you POTHEADS!!!!:D
  2. Yes you can use both. No the MH being best is not a City opinion it is a fact that a Metal Halide light gives those closest spectrum of artificial light that a plant needs for veg, after the sun. There is no better bulb for vegging. As for using all the lights, well that depends on the size of your room. What are its dimensions and how many plants do you plant to grow?
  3. if you have the space and don't mind using the energy set up both the mh and the hps. should work well together. since you're using these I wouldn't bother with the fluoros, but if you want you could try to hang them on the side of the plants somewhere where they aren't receiving much light from above.
  4. MH for veg and HPS for flowering.. thats the best combo. i think i read that somewhere... dont quote me tho
  5. Yep, metal halide's are great veg lights. It's pretty handy if you can get a lamp that will support hps/mh so you can veg with your mh.. flower with your hps.. all in the same hood.

  6. Exactly...the orange/red spectrum HPS emits is exactly what they need to produce the hormones necessary for flowering.
  7. WELL HELLS YA GUYS!!! thanks for all the input.. i was already aware that MH is a blue spectrum where HPS is redder spectrum and lighter spectrum for VEG and redder for flower... i was just curious if it would help to turn on my 150watt hps when my 2 plants are under a 250w MH.. and if i should put floros on the ground to promote the "under growth". i thought i heard different spectrums will hermiy a plant? dont wanna do that!
  8. Also i only have two plants right now but once they are cloneable ima have a garden!!
  9. no, the sun is actually a very, very wide spectrum. i think when you heard that it was meant if u kept switching the plant into different light settings that it might hermie, but if you have them all on it at once and maintain that I don't think it will hurt anything. I think the added hps light should help a lot.

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