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    I have been useing 100 & 400 watt metal Halides that use a S58 bulb..Now these i assume are for 110 or 220 bulbs..{universal} I use 110 only.. My Question is this.. I now have a 400 watt MH that says it only takes S51 bulbs, is this for 220 only?? or is it 110 only??
    I'm no electriction so i'm not all to sure what I got? The writing is to faded to read. An there is no wireing diagram inside or out.
    I'm pretty sure it is a outside parking lot style light..{ here Is a pic.}

    Can any one give me some insight on this unit?? {Thanks}

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  2. S51 is a Philips 400w ceramalux HPS bulb,,not a halide.

    S = Sodium MH = Metal halide MS = Super Metal Halide MV = Mercury Vapor

    120/240 has nothing to do with the bulb,,That refers to the supply voltage to the ballast.

    If you took a pic closer and on a lighter background I may be able to tell you exactly what fixture you have.
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    Does this help ya any??

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  6. Looks like a HPS "Low Bay" area fixture alright.

    And yes that model appears to be 240v only.

    does that mean your unable to use it? are you sure? can you run wire? I'll instruct you if needed.

    240V fixtures will not heat up the supply wire as harsh as a 120v. they will operate at about half the amp draw.

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