Metal halide light or HPS? I can only pick one...

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  1. I've read that metal halide lights are good for vegetation, and HPS is good for flowering. It also says though, that either could be used exclusively for the entire grow. My question is, if I have to choose one, then which is best? I'm mostly conered with yield, that's it. Also, if it helps, I plan to use a small room or bathroom as space.
  2. Dude if you're goin HID then just get on ebay and look for GYO supplies. It's an ebay store.

    You can get a 400w mh/hps (as in, runs both), which come with both bulbs for like $155. Use the MH for veg to stimulate branching, (more bud sites), then the HPS for flowering for denser stickier buds.

    The world pretty much agrees though, that if you can only have on, to get the HPS.

    Best of luck sir.
  3. Ok, if you lived in Russia and you had no choice, then I would go with the HPS. I grew with only a HPS bulb for a long time and it works great.
  4. Word. HPS.
  5. Sounds good, HPS it is! One thing though, I like the idea of being able to run both and I will be checking for that. You said I can find a 400 watt, will that be enough for quite a few plants? I'm thinking I will have a small room or bathroom with 15-20 plants, is 400 enough or would I need to go up to 1000 watts?
  6. You are not seeing all your options. Get a light set with a switchable digital balllast on ebay. Switchable as in supports both MH and HPS. Or get an HPS only and buy a MH conversion bulb for HPS only ballast. You're not seeing all your options. No reason to be stuck with once. You have several options.
  7. 100 watts per plant. So a 400 watt lamp is best suited to grow 4 plants.
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    if you can only pick one, i would def go with HPS. but if u can, i would recommend you also get a MH conversion bulb so you can use it in a HPS ballast and not have to get an additional ballast. just make sure it's the same wattage and a conversion bulb, otherwise it will be big problems. i got the 400watts from
  9. + for htgsupply. Good stuff, good prices, quick shipping. I have a convertible ballast, so I can do both... But if I had to pick one... HPS.

  10. Hey SKi, can i sak how long u'v had that HPS from htg? im considering the 400w with a MH conversion bulb for my 1st grow with 8 clones. After they grow a lil, il get the same one when i run outa lighting space.. Also maybe a couple cfls under or on the sides.. but idk.. LOL wow i rample on and on when i Roast nd Post :D
  11. I have the 400w lumatek from HTG and it works great. Its been running about 6 months.
  12. digital ballast will run both bulbs. hps and mh so for a bit more money you can use both. I prefer lumatek ballasts. i have a 400 running a 250 watt bulb and i have had no issues. the light runs about 200 bucks plus bulbs. a cheap investment for a better grow
  13. I have the digital lumatek 400w and I am curious as to why you run a 250 bulb in it. This is the first I have heard of this.
  14. Also use lumatek had it for two years and works fantastic.I wouldn't use any chinese made ballasts.(no offense to any chinese folk but your products are cheap).and y do u have a 250 bulb in a 4oo watt ballast?
  15. I find that four, 5 gallon drip buckets are too much for a single 400 watt with only 15 days veg, but that is probably more my grow style, and personal pref.

    seriously if you are looking at 15-20 plants for a weighty grow .. look into getting 3 or 4, 600 watters

    someone hit a link to a good one in here..
  16. power problem...the 400 blowes fuses
  17. hmm..

    Wow, It only pulls like 2 or 3 amps.
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    120 year old house

    i have to run all my lights and fans off the same circut...250 hps , 90 w led and 40w floro, 6 fans
    we are only going to be in this house another year or so then we are building a new will be more than set up
  19. not getting into your business or anything, but that sounds fairly dangerous.

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