Metal Halide light - need big help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigtee212, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. I just picked up a 175 wat mh light from home depot. I also got a nice holder for it, porcelain so it doesnt over heat. Only problem is that when I screw everything in my light doesnt turn on. It says its a 300 watt max light fixture with type ps max. I tried the mh on other things and it doesnt work, and a regular light works on the new fixture i got. Any ideas? i just want this good by the weekened, my plants are low on light : (
  2. Call or take it to Home Depot and tell them your problem. If you just bought it they should stand behind their product.
  3. Did the bulb, lamp, and ballast all come together, or did you buy them separately? They need to be specially matched for type and wattage to work correctly.

    What do you mean "I tried the mh on other things and it doesnt work"? You can't just screw a MH bulb into any old socket, it needs a special socket and ballast matched for MH and the particular wattage.

    How long did you have it turned on for? MH bulbs take a while to warm up -- sometimes they come on but dim right away, sometimes they give off no light at all right away. Plug it in and leave it for 5 minutes to see what happens. If still nothing then I agree with smknVTEC, take it back.
  4. Did it come with a ballast? Or, are you just screwing in a MH bulb into a mogul socket?
  5. shit, it says it needs a ballast and i dont believe i have one. I just got the bulb, and a nice plug in thing, kind of a hood for it to screw it into?

    after a quick search on ballasts i defenitaly dont have one, but i dont want to drop the extra cash, I just planted 2 for fun

    anyways, can i get one cheap or work my way around it somehow?
  6. thanks, not sure if i can come up with that stuff, but ill give it a shot
    how much would one set me back?
  7. That I am not sure, I personally just purchased two complete light sets from a website. That one person said it saved him a ton of money though, so I would think it should be a good amount of saved money. I would do some searches online and see how much the parts go for.

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