Metal halide light for flowering?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by No one, May 10, 2011.

  1. I have been using a 250w lumatek metal halide bulb for my plants through out its whole life stage

    They seem to be doing perfectly fine they are atleast a month and a half into flowering maybe longer
    (Not counting)

    The buds are not getting as fat as i would like but they are getting there they are really crystally too

    I have not been using nutrients, only water (i leave out over 48 hours)

    I will post pictures later if wanted.

    But my question is should i be using a metal halide bulb?

  2. Interested in a responce..
  3. they will flower fine just not quite as good as hps. a lot of people like to use both during flower.
  4. you can flower under mh, but the buds will not get as big. more airy and light. they do have mh lights out now that are designed to work in flower a lil better, and have a a few extra watts in it in the right spectrum. i.e. a 400w bulb is actually 430w. you can also buy a conversion bulb that will just screw in, and will give you the hps spectrum. HEY SCOTTLAND!!! :wave:
  5. awrite jbuds how's things with u?
  6. good, growin like a mofo!!!!!
  7. you seen vicky recently? she's flowering good! put pics up last night
  8. From what I have read quality of buds will not be inferior if you flower your plants under MH, , but noticeably smaller size (amount of medicine) buds. And of cos internodes under MH will be shorter .
  9. Good to know, Does shorter internodes mean less stem ?
  10. Kind of ,plant will be definatly bushier,but it will also grow up like crazy during flowering, so do not expect it to be very short. If head room is the problem start LST right from the beginning of veg period.You can do very aggressive LST, you can have plant only 6-8" tall but about 2ft in diameter by the end of veg period (4-5 weeks).You can still do LST to keep it short during flowering , but one plant can easily cover 9sqf under LST with in first couple of weeks of flowering.
  11. the MH will make the bud more potent because the light spectrum will make the plant produce more THC but the HPS will give you a larger yield larger buds, and an overall larger harvest because the HPS puts out more lumens, but the bud will not be as high quality as using a MH that is why alot of people use dual spectrum setups 1-1000 watt HPS 1-1000 watt MH, and that is why they sell dual spectrum 1000 watt bulbs with 600 watt HPS & 400 watt MH for the perfect combo, but in your setup with it only being 250 watts i would upgrade my light to atleast a 600 watt but you should not see to much of a difference with the 250 except for a smaller overall yield but some really quality buds
  12. the bud is extremely crystally i must say espesially how im not using nutrients, I was thinking of adding a hps light to my 250W for next trial would 400w hps do the trick?

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