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Metal Halide Hood / Reflector

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by le4ch, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. I got this 100w metal halide light " donated " to me ;) And now i need to figuire our how i cna place it in my grow box ..

    If anyone has any information on how to build something to hold it and put it in with a reflector of some sort ( or maybe not ) Please post it here ..

    If anyone have any ways of building one out of house hold objects and wood that would help too! :)

  2. Here is a picture of the 100w mh light setup i got ;)

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  3. just cut a hole in the side of the housing and install a comp fan on the side of it...... easiest thing i can think of
  4. you mean the side of the fixture ( the one we got ) and just install a fan in it .. Any ideas of how i would cut a hole in the side of it? and what should i use to hang it.
  5. using a hole saw drill like a 3" hole in the side of the casing.... then drill 2 smaller (1/4") holes in the top (side opposite the glass) to put some eye bolts in, then use rope or chain to hang the fixture.... also remember to drill afew holes on the opposite end of where you dril the 3" hole so fresh, cool air can enter the fixture and carry out the heat faster....

    if you dont have a 3" hole saw then you can either use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade or get a drawing compass and draw a 3" circle (it might not be 3", measure the inside diameter of the fan(the diameter of the fan blades))....

    use a drill (~1/4") and drill all the way around the circle... then file all the rough edges down to a nice smooth cut...

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