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metal halide for flowering???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by no1budzilla, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. my hps bulb blew my 1st 4 auto are well into flowering and 2nd 3 just started i know ppl use mh for grow and hps for bloom is it gunna make much difference to my babies?
  2. MH works wonderfully for flowering. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.
  3. Then I'll be one of those other people you shouldn't listen to. Yes MH works, just not well. In fact, that's why if you can use only one kind of bulb for the whole grow the overwhelming consensus is HPS rather than MH, because while each is optimal for a particular stage of the plant's life (MH for veg and HPS for flower), they don't perform equally when used for the role they are not optimized for. In other words, HPS is better for vegging than MH is for flowering.

    The plant has evolved to adapt to the conditions Nature has provided consistently for millions of years. MH's blue light mimics the color spectrum of sunlight in mid Summer, when the sun is overhead and when the plant is vegging. HPS's red light mimics the color spectrum of sunlight in late Summer and into Fall, when the sun is lower on the horizon and the plant is flowering.
  4. i agree they will work,but anyone with a little exp. should know that MH is for veg and hps is for flowering.
    i will tell you what,you grow 2 equal plants and i mean very similar w/1 under each light and you will definitely see a difference in yield,density and all out quality of the buds.
    like I said it does work but if the choice is to grow from start to finish w/ only 1 bulb then hps is best.they might stretch a little more w/ hps in veg but the flowering is what counts.
    i have grown both from start to finish w/ both so i am confident i know the difference it makes.but thats just my opinion.
  5. mh in flower will probably leave you wit airy wispy buds.

  6. i agree. mh or hps can grow a whole crop from seedling to harvest.

    for BEST results do what i do and use an hps and a mh from the entire life of the plant. that will give you the best of both worlds especially if you rotate your plants regularly between both hps and mh lights.

    there are benefits to using hps and mh in each stage of the plants life.

    take it from me as i use to use hps only in flowering...the amount of trichs and the amount of trichs you can see with your naked eye has improved dramatically since using an mh during flowering compared to hps alone.

    mh will be good during veg to keep nodes closer, itll add to the amount of trichs and sometimes the size of them as well. some also claim it adds to the psychoactive properties of the bud but im not scientist so dont quote me on that.

    basically if anyone says you cant use mh or hps all the way through is just full of crap and they are certainly better than using cfls.

    use whichever you have/want to use but for BEST results trust me..use both.
  7. it should also be mentioned that an mh and hps of equal watts wont have an equal amount of lumens.

    so if you have say 1 600w hps and 1 600w mh the 600w hps bulb will put out 15K or so more lumens than the mh...so i guess yes there is a difference but overall its still going to be quality bud. period.
  8. @justcallmesir, no argument that double the light and mixed spectrum is better, but that isn't the question. The OP wants to know about using MH alone for flower vs. replacing the blown HPS to use it alone for flower.

  9. well i was just giving some extra info but im my opinion (and personal experience) either mh alone or hps for both stages will work very well. granted each has benefits but overall i think either is fine and ive grown out plants before with just mh or just hps and i was pleased with the results.

    hps for flower is ideal but not set in stone.

  10. it was acceptable flowering under a mh, but imo not pleasing, i would much rather use hps if given the option.
  11. ok nobud,

    i used an HPS for veg on this forum and got ripped for it. "your plants will be stretchy and long", "it will make you buds light and wispy". "go get a MH".
    well i used it and my last 2 grows have turned out super bomber.
    If you have a MH then thats what you have. people always say "go get a HPS" but they forget that costs alot of money. use what you have and dont worry your grow will be fine. my homey used 4 400w MH's for years and he grew what was widely considered the best buds in town. dont let peeps on this forum talk you into buying more shit you dont need.

    unless of course you rich or something and money isnt an object, then go ahead a get an HPS :smile:
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  12. wont swiching light like that make it hermi (I dont no)i my self would use what i started with just as a precaution
  13. MH will work, but just won't yield as much as HPS and the buds won't be as dense. They will possibly have increased resin production though. It's just an intensity response imo and doesn't have much to do with spectrum, it just boils down to lumens per watt. HPS is much more efficient than MH so that lumen advantage results in tighter buds and more weight.
  14. HPS Grow Lights
  15. Not at all.

  16. that i will agree with both if available are the best way to go.i have 2-600hps and 1-400dual spectrum bulb in my grow room.if you can use both its best.but if i had to choose one it would be the hps or the dual spectrum vs. the mh.
  17. could millions of stoners be wrong duddie? I go MH for fowering, and have t5 daylight strips. I notice the t5 makes my week a draker healthier color, Ive only seen MH for vegging or formothers tho..? i duno

  18. You are very correct sir, but if you're stuck with a MH light, it'll work wonderfully.

    During the vegetative state of the plant's life, it requires more blue spectrum light to produce tighter nodes and cola growth. During flowering, HPS provides the plant's preferred red spectrum. This will give you denser and nicer buds.

    If you have the option, use Metal Halide for vegging and HPS for flowering.

    Check out my last grow. I got amazingly beautiful buds from these plants using a 400w Metal Halide and a 70w HPS for the entire grow.
  19. cheers for all the info lads i have got a seperate 600w hps but wanted to cut to a 400 because heat was hittin like 114 farenhiet my tents only 80w*80d*160h cms, that was in an attic through an english winter. i got a light with both hps and mh from a mate but hps blew after 2 days shame twas perfect temps (i fink anyway varies from 72-78 faren) the mh hits 90 or so on a warm day so have to leave tent open too cool it down so wasting light? cheers for the help and hope to here more from across the pond.
  20. Attic grows are rough...

    This thread has inspired my latest idea for sizing down the op to a closet from a large room... Using a 400w MH light... Found a RED Spectrum MH bulb, to use during 12/12 ...

    2x3 (6sq ft) Scrogg...

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