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  1. How many plants can I get with a 400 watt halide and a 150 hps(I think)?
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    It depends how big they are when they finish and how far you're willing to spread out the light. I've grown plants in the dark as part of experiments so technically you can grow as many plants under those lights as you feel like. Using square patterns, I wouldn't try to squeeze more than nine small plants under the 400w and another row of three under the 150w. With the large yielding & long flowering strain I'm working with now, I'd set up six 5gal buckets; four of them mainly under the 400w and two primarily under the 150w.
  3. Ok I would do that if I had that much space but I don't.I got about 2 ft wide 4 ft in length and 4 ft tall.what do you recommend with that small of space and what growing method?-scrog,sog,lst,topping?
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  5. I would LST it and ScrOG it if you can, and do like 2-4 plants total. That is just my opinion you can do 9 plants in that space but since your height is limited I would train it for sure. What training method really depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

    Also if you thread isn't getting attention maybe instead of bumping most more info so that you open the question up to a broader audience which in turn bumps your thread. I almost didn't post because of it but thought better of it.
  6. I'd agree with Mr. Bohbo's suggestions because of the limited vertical space. Most types of hydro will also reduce the space needed for the roots.

    I'm sorry, if I'd replied sooner there wouldn't have been any problem :cry:

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