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  1. ok all you heavy/black/death/etc etc fans...........i listen to a lot of music, and i love everything from Elvis to Zep, but i'm finding it really hard to listen to the above catagories.........i like guns and roses, and sabbath.........i even like a few metallica songs, but is there like a key to listening to this kinda stuff, like a progression from one type to the other..........and suggestions to start off with, i also like a few deep purple tunes, but like i said i have no idea as how these would fall into genres.............Peace out........Sid
  2. same here, i like all kinds of music. even jazz. a friend has gotten me into jazz lately.the older stuff. i listen to alot of older music. elvis for one lol i'm surprised you like elvis sid, not to many guys do. not a bad thing at all;) i like old metal to. i love black sabbath, ac/dc, a select few by metallica,and some other bands. but do people even consider these heavy metal bands anymore? compared to the stuff they have nowadays. or is that what your askin there sid lol. i smoked one and i'm just babbling away over here lol. anyways my point is that i don't like alot of the heavier stuff that is out there now. i'm not into it. i just don't seem to feel it.
  3. I was brought up listening to metal. My dad loved everything from 80's hair metal to thrash, and I loved it all too. As I got older I started making friends who were more into death and black metal... two styles I never paid much attention to before. At first it sounded too loud, too growly... so I never really tried to get into it. But before long I started hearing songs I liked. So I kept an open mind, and the more I listened, the better I understood the lyrics and music, and the more I loved it. I let myself "feel" the music.. the emotions it brings.. and I started to connect with it. I was hooked. That was years ago, and I haven't turned back since. I do like other styles of music such as grunge, industrial, and even southern rock.. but none give you quite the same raw emotion, intensity, power, and over-all adrenaline-like feeling (I'm an adrenaline junkie) as extreme metal does. Not to mention, I love the way it sounds when I'm high.

    It's clearly not for everyone. There's a lot of black/death metal that I think = complete shit. Like Dimmu Borgir. But anyway, if you really want to get into the heavier stuff, give it a chance, and even do some searching online or at music stores. You're likely to find at least a few songs and maybe even a band or two you like. And I'd suggest trying something a little different, like melodic death metal (somewhat easier on the ears), if what you're trying to get into is too much to handle at first.

  4. I've written out two essay length replies to this thread already and both got lost. I can't be bothered to do it again. The jist of it was:

    Metal = good

    Go here:

    Browse and find reviews that catch your eye.

    Soon, you'll be one of us. You'll never get out...
  5. I think it's ok sometimes. Wouldn't buy an album but I know a few who play that music, so I go see them and support them. But I miss the harmonies. I like my music to have interesting chords. I don't feel I get this from black metal. But it's got a lot of agression. Sometimes I like that when I wanna go skate hard.
  6. Thanx...will do...soon
  7. Hei, just checked them. They're cool. Gotta get Zylark to download some songs. He's responsible for mp3 in our house...
  8. You just have to be an angry person. Its angry music.
  9. i would recommend some dream theater (a little more prog)
    or some megadeth to get you started
  10. Ya I think Dream Theater would be a good pathway into metal. Its progressive metal. Once you get used to the riffs maybe move on to a band that growls. Id say Opeth are a good second because they sing as well as growl so if you arent used to it it gives you small breaks.
  11. Hatebreeder has covered most of what you would probably need to know, but as an avid metal-head myself I just had to add the obligatory \m/ Metal Fuckin' Rules \m/
    If you like melodies, you may also want to check out Borknagar (specifically the album Empiricism, Four Elemeny Synchronicity is an amazing song). Everybody should also check out Emperor, because they are fuckin metal dons, imo. For whoever mentioned Megadeth, nice work...I started out with sabbath, megadeth, metallica, etc. Just these past few weeks I've fallen in love with my Countdown to Extinction album again.
    Hatebreeder, I suggest you check out Psycroptic if you haven't already - and anyone who is a fan of Opeth, download some Farmakon, they are very Opethian.
  12. Haha, I'm gonna be 30 soon. I grew up with Megadeath and have heard my share of DT. I still like some Megadeath from time to time. Exxelent guitar playing.

    Btw...I actually learned Hangar 18 on guitar wayyyy back. Can't remember how it went any more though. Sorry
  13. All you have to do is check out the Band Opeth and all your death metal dislikes will be cured. They are one of the most brilliant bands in existance. They mix metal with amazingly complex classical music a la mozart with folk, death metal, and black metal. The album Damnation is completely mellow and has no metal/distortion or growls. It might help showcase their talent although its their least complex album. You can check out more stuff about them @
    Again this band is divine, and is worth many listens. I doubt there will ever be an other band more profound, moving, and magical than opeth in my eyes.


  14. What don't you like about them?
  15. what is there not to like?!

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