metal = buzzkill?

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  1. im a metal head till death
    most people think burning and metal go together because metal is a total buzzkill
    me, i can chill to anything
    i dont have to listen to fuckin reggae or some shit just to chill
    3 favorite genres = metal, blues/psychodelic, and some rap
    whats up with the haters?

    any other fellow mellow-metal heads out there?
  2. iv never realy heard that before. most of my friends think its more intense and shit when ur high. but ya i love just chillin after a couple bowls to some melodeath.
  3. Its to high strung to listen to when high imo
  4. I love any kind of music when I'm high, I feel like I can hear everything better and everything sounds more entertaining. Reggae def is a plus though for sure.
  5. No, I can't listen to metal when I'm high. To me, the vibe doesn't match. Come to think of it, I barely even listen to metal at all anymore.
  6. Yeah, I like the screamo/hardcore music when I'm blazed. It just makes it better than when you listen to it sober. The only thing about it that is a buzzkill is getting up and moshing your face off to it, which I tend to do.
  7. Well personally I love blazin to sum LAMB OF GOD:smoking:
    Country is bad buzz kill for me.
  8. When I'm high i like almost all music, except for all the really poppy hip hop or MTV shit, but from bluegrass to metal, i enjoy everything when blitzed
  9. for real what's up with the haters! i LOVE metal... more metalcore/deathcore stuff really but anything in that general genre is definitely fine to chill too... doesn't bother me at all. but i can listen to any genre really.
  10. ill listen to metal on anything lol
    i used to listen to metal on would make all my friends depressed lol i was like wtf ya'll suck dick
  11. Don't like most metal when high a few reasons: The lyrics suck. The guitarists are just showing off to see who can play the most notes in one minute. They use a shitload of distortion to cover up the blandness of the riffs. But there's a few metal bands that are really good when high.
  12. I just can't listen to metal period. Listen all you want though, I'm no hater. If somebody puts it on when I'm high it's most certainly a buzzkill though, so usually we just agree on something and enjoy it together.
  13. dude, metal sounds INSANE when im blazed, i listen to anything that id listen to sober, when im blazed. but yea man, im a metalhead too
  14. I dont see how people cant handle certain music because they are high. I listen to the same shit high or sober. Getting fucking blazed and going to metal shows is a whole different ballgame though. Metal shows are so fucking intense when blazed. A few weeks ago I smoked a fat as j of some 60's and went to see Suicide Silence. It was fucking awesome.
  15. Metal trips me out when I'm high, the guitars are pretty crazy to listen to. I like it.
    Thats just me though.
  16. Metal is good high or sober.
  17. i like metal, just not when im high
  18. metal is awesomeness.

  19. Listening too the wrong kinda metal
  20. yea im a metal head as well. metallica, pantera, korn, slipknot...its all good. i dont think its a buzz kill, its more intense i guess you could say. idk depends on what you like. i like both chill and metal.

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