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Metal bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattsta, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. #1 Mattsta, Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    What do you think of this bong, have you tried it? I smoke outside with clumsy friends that broke 2 of my mad scientist's. we smoke outside. Will i taste the metal? and just add what ever you know.
  2. Fixed it sorry about the broken link.
  3. You'll get just as much metal taste as an acrylic with a metal bowl it's not THAT bad some people think it is but I have no problem with it
  4. Id hit it. Wouldnt buy it though. If I was you Id just buy a smaller glass on glass piece.
  5. Metal gives off a weird taste. Glass or nothing, imo. Even the small screen I have in my glass bowl tastes like shit when it starts heating up..
  6. Alright thanks everyone ill just get another glass bong and tell them to be careful.
  7. Make them pay you back for the ones they broke.
  8. Nah man. If your friends break your shit A LOT then you should get metal. In the end youll be saving your self money. Id go acrylic though. Thats just me though haha :cool: Good luck bro.
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Hurricane - unbreakable?[/ame]
  10. High quality pieces are very hard to break, even as glass, as the above video shows.. If your friends are going to be clumsy and drop things, go Acrylic. If not, Glass is always the best material. Nuff said. Avoid metal.
  11. I wish I knew what they were saying but thats just great haha. Youd have that bong till the day you die. I might actually get one of those for that fact alone. Do you know if the slide/bowl it comes with is also unbreakable?
  12. Never used or owned an acrylic one, Can you recommend any?
    And do they brake like glass? This might be a newb question but I don't know.
  13. Not sure about the slide/bowl. I just came across that vid before because i guess that bong rips also.
  14. The only way you could brake an acrylic bong is if you stepped on it and it would crack or explode it to a bunch of pieces. I had a friend that had a decent sized red one that was bad ass. Im gonna go creep on the site and see if I can find a good one for ya bro. ;)
  15. just noticed that vid, bong looks awesome prob cost alot too.

    Thanks :smoke:
  16. Acrylic Bong - English -
    Saw this one and thought it looked pretty cool and is like the same price as that metal one you posted. But yeah that glass bong can be 400 to 1000 bucks depending on size lol

    Hope you find what your looking for in the end bro ;)
  17. honestly man i would go acrylic its mad cheap and if you pick a glass slide like i did for my little acrylic bong (was part of gas mask but use the acrylic bong for outings with friends) you can get a decent acrylic for around 10-15 bucks and a slide for 10-20.
    believe me though wether you go metal or acrylic for the tube... GET A GLASS SLIDE!
    glass is always the way to go and you wont taste the tube of coarse haha
    happy tokin :bongin:
  18. Thats a good idea. Glass slide instead of the metal one. Might not work out for OP though since he says his shit breaks a lot.
  19. if you get a thick one though shouldnt be a problem haha i picked mine out both for its rigidity and size it is insane for the gas mask. ripping a gram into that thing is intense. and to quote a good friend of mine.
    will get you sick nasty high :rolleyes: haha
  20. Hahaha nice. Yeah man they do have some bomb ass thick slides out there. There kinda expensive though considering its just a slide but ey, if its praticaly unbreakable then its worth it in the end.

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