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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by derpderpxd, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. So, I heard even though you get the munchies, weed speeds up your metabolism. Is that true? If so, by how much and could it be an effective means of weight loss? And, if its not true then why are all the stoners we see generally not fat, even from constant munchies? Thanks:)
  2. I heard its true that it does speed up your weight loss..maybe.
    If you smoked everyday and never got the munchies then yeah definitely weight loss.

    Sorry if i dont make since..:smoking:
  3. Even if it does speed up your metabolism, it might just be me but I don't feel like doing shit when I'm stoned. I just chill, listen to music, and eat fatty f00ds. So the whole metabolism thing and drowsiness kind of counter-act each other.
  4. It doesn't speed up your metabolism, It just makes you hungry. Please disregard any anecdotal evidence that may be posted.
  5. I lost 60 pounds since I started smoking weed every day ( 1 year ago). I also stopped eating like a fat ass and went to the gym. I dont think pot increases the metabolism BUT for me personally I wouldn't have been able to do it without mmj

  6. so even with munchies all the time why do u never see fat stoners?

  7. Are you kidding me? Like 80% of stoners are fat asses. The biggest stoner I know is like 5'7 and 250 pounds.
  8. It probably speeds up your metabolism because you are eating more. This alone does nothing but make you fat

    So no, it wont make you lose weight.

    What will make you lose weight? Quit eating taco bell and go run a few miles
  9. yea dude marijuana can be a quite successful weight loss treatment except the munchies get to you tho, if your able to beat the munchies you could lose a pound or 2 every time you smoke, at least thats what my friend says, me on the other hand... i can never go 30 minutes without eating something when im high

  10. Fuck man, 89 cent double decker taco.... :smoke:
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    Well it increases heart rate which increases core temp which increases metabolism so yes but not by a lot and not that much weight loss you can get a similar effect by taking a thermogenic I take burn 60 which is in mega men sport although your body can get immune to thermogenics so you must take t breaks
  12. I wish! That would be amazing but I know a lot of smokers that are on the "heavy" side who smoke everyday. They're out there you just have to look.
  13. No one should worry about their weight, everyone is different, live life mon
  14. I think the fact that there are so many skinny stoners out there , including me : (

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