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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by White Widow x, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Hey, my first toke will be this saterday, me and 3 friends will be killing off a dime of train wreck, a dime of white widow , and a nick of some grandaddy kush/sticky icky cross.
    Since I am a little bit overweight (I am 5 foot 11 inches and 174 pounds) I am a little concerned about gaining weight. I will be trying to resist the munchies, considering bud raises your metabolism. What I am concerned about was that fact that I was reading a post here on GC and it said:

    For the time being i smoked marijuana, i gained about 15 pounds from giving into the munchies and eating literally everything i could find in the fridge. However, two months ago (for my study), i decided not to give into the munchies when i was high. I did that for 1 week straight. By the end of 1 week, i had dropped 10 pounds. Whoever thought or thinks that "marijuana doesn't increase your metabolism" is absolutely retarded. The active chemical in marijuana, THC, increases your metabolism making you both hungry and crave sweets. If you don't stuff your face with food, the body burns your fat instead making you lose weight. If any overweight person reads this thread and decides to smoke more marijuana, and not give into the munchies to lose weight, that is a bad idea.
    Here's why:
    Like i said before, weed speeds up your metabolism each time you smoke. However once your not high, the metabolism drastically slows down. Like my physics teacher once said, "What goes up, must come down." Which means, whatever you eat, isn't processed through your "normal" metabolism. Because your metabolism is so slowed down from the previous day or night of smoking, all that you eat while not high basically turns to immediate fat if you DO NOT exercise.

    I didn't quite understand this? What I get out of it is everything I eat after coming down frm My high will turn into fat instead of energy. So now I am afraid to smoke pot because I don't want to gain weight. Can someone explain to me the truths or lies behind this little article I have posted, and makeit more clear to me what will happen (weight wise) if I do or do not give I to the munchies. Take into consideration that I will only be smoking pot a maximum of two to four times a month.
  2. don't eat like a pig when your high , is there a question in here ?
  3. Yes, my question was about what will happen to my body weight wise if I decide to give into munchies and if I do not give into munchies, my paragrAph I quoted seemed to confuse me, because it seemed to me it was saying no matter what, if I smoked pot, I'd get fat
  4. It depends on the individual. I struggle to gain weight with weed, and I don't deny myself my munchies. I pig out quite a bit, but it's usually healthy shit.

    I smoke 3-4 times a day. So keep in mind that I'm usually always high.
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    Stay hydrated during and after smoking, try to eat a small meal or healthy snack about a half hour before hand, dont forget to RELAX and dont get so bored that you think about food.

    Better yet, DONT keep junk food around, its bad for you and can negatively encourage others. Stock up on real foods that are healthy

    dont forget to completely rid your mind of any preconceived notions that you have about 'the munchies'!

    keep exercising regularly, dont sit around and eat or you will gain weight, simple as that.
  6. SMOKING won't make you fat, but not properly dieting could.

    You can munch until your heart is content, just acknowledge what you are putting into your body. By either eating healthy while munching, or counter balancing the junk you munch.

    Try eating before you smoke, thats what I do.
    Also, working out while high is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do (and my absolute favorite way to workout)
  7. it's really not about the weed per say ....if you eat a lot more than you burn your gonna put on weight. The weed itself is gonna drop your blood sugar

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