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  1. Last night I was bored and baked and decided to go onto one of those sites where you talk to strangers just to amuse myself. So the first couple were the usual annoying ASL..wanna fuck?...are you horny...etc. . Skipped those trolled a couple lol and then I met this chinese girl.

    At first I was skeptical because people can claim their anything online, but she was this chinese girl who had moved back to China when she was 4 from Toronto. I then asked how it was to live in a communist country, She said she works in a factory (which made me more skeptical kind of stereotypical yknow?), and earns something like 15 USD a month. She said her brother was put to death at 16 for theft. She also claimed that if your out past curfew theres a possibility you'll be put to death too. I kept asking but she said she couldn't say too much because theres a possibility the governments keeping tabs on it, or in her words, they can if they want to.

    I started asking how she could afford internet/computer and she claimed she was at an internet cafe. All in all, it seemed legit. She gave me her email address, and I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what its like to live in China.. but like a dumbass in my stoned haze I forgot to copy and paste it to a text document smh...

    a bit pointless I geuss this thread, but it seemed like something people would be somewhat interested in.. please forgive me if its not :D
  2. Obviously fbi
  3. You got trolled. The women in the factories make 40 USD a month.
  4. Lol that's fucking brilliant.
  5. wait youre joking right?? she was so obvious you have to be joking. please tell me your joking. you must be, you must be joking? are you?
  6. Did she say her age? It's illegal in China for a person under 18 to be in an internet cafe. Also, internet cafes are strictly regulated and watched in China. So her saying all of that would get her killed.
  7. ask her whats going on in japan...

  8. go to china and fuck a bitch. in the butt. or in the mouth of something,
  9. What site? omegle? i met a north korean defector on omegle and it was quite an enlightening experience
  10. wtf china is that fucked up?
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    lol, well the conversation was longer than that, and I'm not going to explain the whole convo.. this thread already was long enough.

    and it seemed legit to me.. so no I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not joking. :D

    If I did get trolled then I have no clue what the point was on her part. Like I said the conversation had more depth than that I just didn't include everything. China's pretty big I don't think every women working in factories gets the same amount.. or maybe they do since their commies idk.

    She said she was 19 so I geuss its possible. The way she typed it in gives me the impression she was being very cautious with what she said.

  12. I've met some cool as chicks on omegle
  13. hahaha all these asian memes are funny as shit
  14. [quote name='"Americandutchyz"']hahaha all these asian memes are funny as shit[/quote]

    It was only 2. And the second one wasn't really a meme.
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    uhh... okay..why do you care enough to respond? I only meant that the asian pictures where funny.. :D

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