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    So me and my friend C were about to go toke in some woods we saw, because we like the nature when we smoke. Its right by his house and we've smoked here plenty of times before. Well this time, C was leadin the way, (it was dark, like 11 PM) and outta nowhere this huge shadow comes outta the dark. At frst we were like, shit turn around, creeper, but then we calmed down and thought its prolly just another toker. We turn back around and we saw him pull outta a pipe! we were both thinking no way! so we decide to smoke with him and he's hella chill. Turns out he lives across the street. Now Me and C have another person to toke with if we're at his house.:hello:
  2. that's cool. I like when i meet chill new tokers it's something that rarely happens for me. I know tons of people smoke but i just don't meet many tokers nowadays.
  3. I love it when i meet a new toker to smoke with...kinda weird thing happened to me just a few minutes ago.

    i went to the shop (needed skins) and the guy on the counter said "you want blues or reds?"
    i was like...:devious:"blues"
    guy: i wasnt talkin about them blues, but u smoke weed dont you?
    me: no:rolleyes:
    guy: you're lying your eyes are mashed up, and i can smell it

    i was thinking, shit! at first, cos i thought he was like questionning me and was secretly a police officer...till he said
    "i smoke weed to, you'll see me tonight with eyes redder than yours" or something :smoke:
  4. yea, at first I was pretty sketchy about him, just because he was in some woods and all, but after talkin to him a while and token with him, he was actually a pretty chill guy. I guess we were just at the right place at the right time.
  5. haha thats pretty sweet..i had the same thing happen to me and my friend, we always go to this certain parking lot to smoke and then a car pulls up and its 2 guys doing the same thing...haha good times
  6. yea, i hope this happens again. It was a really cool experience. He had almost two hours of stories that he told us. We were plannin on bein out there for about 20 mins but stayed out there for 2 and a half. went back inside at around one in the morning

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