Met a dude at a stoplight...

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  1. So I'm cruising through town pissed that I can't find any bud a few months back. Anyway as I'm heading home I land at a stoplight next to this dude. I give him a look, and he gives me a look. It's like we connected or some shit.

    I say to him "Hey dude, know where to get any bud?" He's all like YEA BRO GIMME UR NUMBA. So I say "###-###-####". Never get a text from him or anything. Two weeks later I get a text from a random number saying "Hey its stoplight dude, you in need?"

    I tell him hellz yea, and he gives me his address. I mapquest it and it looks like it wouldn't be a bad idea to head out there so I tell him I'll be there in 30 minutes. As I'm driving I call him and I was starting to freak out because I was in the middle of bumfuck. I pull up into his place and he waves at me to park awkardly behind his garage.

    I start getting sketched out because I see a fucking sheriff parked next door. I was fiendin pretty fuckin hard and shit, but against all my instincts I went inside. I mentally prepared myself to deal with anything from being axe murdered to busted by the fuckin 5-0.

    Dude hands me the shit, and I tell him i'm short. He's all like "I got you bro, don't worry about it". All of a sudden two people pull up trippin fuckin balls and Im all like, "Dude you fuckin drove here?"

    Anyway none of that shit matters, turns out that dude lived life "Hard", like real hard if you know what I mean. Tryin not to break no rules here, but I call this man "Twig" He was the single bravest mother fucker I ever met.

    The reason there was a Sheriff next door was because the COUNTY Sheriff owned the house he was living in. This man was pushin on his propertay. This young man told me that anything I wanted, all I had to do was ask. I gave him a call two weeks later and his phone was disconnected. Before I left I heard about some plan to move to Florida to run an operation of sorts.

    Now I'm not implying anything OF ANY SORT. This man did not sell drugs nor did he push them, but in my current state of mind. I imagine this bright young man to be selling shoes at a stand in Miami, Florida. God help that young man. The Bravest, most boss mother fucker I ever met in my entire life.

    P.S. I am extremely intoxicated, the above is entirely true. Twig if you read this shit. Give me a text man you got my fuckin numba.
  2. dat boy twig is muh cuzz dawgg
    yeah we got that pressure
  3. Tell yo boy to give me a call.
  4. Yeah shit man, I remember you. I haven't fucked with many people since I moved. The parties over there were a lot of fun though. I actually moved to southern Georgia because some stuff came up. I've stopped using most drugs (aside from marijuana) and I'm a strong Christian
  5. ***** you crazy.
  6. You're twig? :confused:
  7. If that nucka is twig im fuckin santa claus
  8. Stoplights are all about the vibes
  9. Raw, your gonna fit in just fine around here.
  10. everytime im at the stop lights, there's always a dumb ass who tryin to race me
  11. Really?
    Maybe they are just tryin to show out
    I'd go for the digits personally
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    I find it hilarious that my real life situation is taken as a made up event. You guys cannot take a man intoxicated from his beverage of choice seriously. <--That word took me awhile to spell.

    This actually happened, a lot of shit that happened to me during my freshman year of college is unbelievable to most people. I feel like making a blog about my adventures. There is no way that my life is just some crazy unbelievable experience taken one page at a time. There must be some explanation for the shit that happens to me. Most of it begins in a dream and then becomes reality...Or am I just crazy?

  13. your gay for twig brah?
  14. Hey what's up man.

    You're a faggot.

    Stoplight Dude
  15. Was that weed mad twiggy son?
  16. Fuck the haters.
  17. I don't understand this story at all.

    You bought herb from a random guy at a stoplight and he lived life "hard". Am I missing something?
  18. Just spilled beer on my keyboard because of you, go fuck yourself

  19. this seriously made laugh. Sereal.

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