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messing up the frontal lobe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. so today a scientist was explaining to us how pot messes with the frontal lobe because it is not fully developed during teens years.i just turned 18, and have been smoking since i turned 17. am i fine, or is my brain really getting affected from using pot 5 times a weeK?
  2. Cannabis isnt going to damage you that much. He is simply using over-exagerated facts to discourage you from drugs as per school curriculum.

    It can mess with an under developed brain, which is why the age to buy things like alcohol or tobacco is above 18. Same with the age limit for this forum.

    The amount of change is minimal unless they are exposed for long periods of time. The change is obviously not known otherwise they would shout it from the roof tops and tell you the devil did it
  3. I was reading an article in a science magazine about toking while the brain is still developing, they said it does indeed effect how it develops but only when the user is a heavy smoker. (6+ joints a day)
  4. Prescribed drugs can do the exact same.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. You didn't start at TOO young an age.

    This ease your mind? Not exactly on age, but still.
  5. LOL....

    and alcohol does NOTHING and should be completely accepted in society... WHY?
  6. Given the current science, I wouldn't want young people doing *any* mind/mood altering substances until they're 18, and preferably until they're 25. The high school and college years are when most of the judgement, stability, and decision-making wiring gets done in the brain, and I wouldn't want to go screwing that up.
  7. The only thing I've actually seen is if you have schizophrenia running in your family and you start young you are 4 times more likely to have it when you are older than if you had waited to start smoking till your 20's.. That would be my only worry.. Your short term memory is affected, but within 6 months everything can be completely back to normal that is except for the schiz thing. That sticks with a person..
  8. shiz thing?
  9. I doubt it. Maybe cut back if you're worried, but for the most part your brain should be pretty much fully developed. I think they're talking more about the younger teen years, even if they don't specify that.

    Anyway, the frontal lobe deals mainly with judgment and personality, so...that's what you're possibly affecting if you wanted to know.
  10. i know people who smoke constantly. on top of other drugs pretty much as a daily routine.your fine homie.
  11. schizophrenia
  12. 18 is just a projected adult age. You were close I'd say there's nothing to worry about. It's not like your brain goes through some massive change exactly on your 18th birthday.

  13. Totally agree. I'm 26 and I just started smoking. I'm actually really glad I held off until I was mature enough to judge my high and decide when/where/how much to do it. I'm finally at the age where I actually feel like a full fledged "grown up," which is a good time to start, I think.:D

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