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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BudManToke, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. ME and my boy mike were smokin im my grage we smoked 5 bowls, that was enough for me but he wasent set so we go to his friends house and smoke 2 joints 2 bowls and 1 bowl of hydro. I WAS FUCKED UP. mike and his friend start playing teckin 2 for playstation, i was just chillin on the couch, and about 2 hours later i start talkin i said "dude when i went to the store i passed this guy and he smelled like piss". they look at me and said when did you go to the store?, you been sittin there looking at the wall for 2 hours. I was scare outta my mind i thought i went places man.
  2. wow...sounds like you had a good trip...

    The other night I was naturally I sat down by myself, and smoked five bowls of AK....just to see how it fucked me up....It really got me paranoid..I smoked some cigs to take the paranoia edge off but it didn't help..I layed down in my bed staring at the wall and I swear to god there was a jazz band in the room next door.
  3. man i just got done tokin a bowl of acolpoco and wow im totally hearing that jazz band man
  4. good to hear im not the only one
  5. lol. kinda reminds me of the time my friend and i were smoking some white widow up in my room. we killed about 5 packed bongs and listening to pink floyd's "another brick in the wall". well i look out my window and there's this tree... and i swear it was singing. you could see eyes, a nose, and a mouth and the mouth is going along to the pink floyd song. i was like "woah, ant. the tree's singing"
  6. lol good times good times
  7. hee hee. glad to see i'm not the only one with a private band! lol at night i hear music. at first i thought the bf had fallen asleep to the music channel, but when i'd get up to turn it off, the tv wouldn't be on.

    well, at least i like jazz music. :)
  8. hell yeah. me and 4 other guys....getting stoned of our asses
    look out the window and its windy and shit...
    look at the tree...and from the leaves and branches i could "CLEARLY" see bob marly siniging the song that we were playing...was in perfect harmony...he even started jumping around and shit

    amazing man..the harmony of nature!

  9. yeah! lol. singing shrubbage is seriously stupendous... lol, that's a cool tongue twister... hmm... anyone else think i'm a bit strange? lol

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