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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by site, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Ok so on Tuesday I felt like doing a wake-n-bake before school started. So I did my thing and went and layed in bed for a while before I had to leave. When I got back up I had a major case of the spins for a couple of seconds. That should've been my first clue that something was up.

    I got to school and I was feeling pretty good. I was still a little screwed from the spins, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle, that and I was pretty relaxed so I didn't really care. But anyways, I was sitting down and I felt like a sneeze was comin' on, so I did. I wiped my nose and didn't think anything of it. But then I felt some liquid on my nose. I rubbed it off and looked at my hand. It was totally drenched in blood.

    It was pouring out like Niagra Falls so I ran to the bathroom to clean it up. It took a while, but in finally stopped. I was gonna go to the nurse, but there's no way I'm doing that while I was stoned. Anyways, that my bad story; hopefully the last. But do you think the pot and/or spins had something to do with the waterfall coming out of my nose? And yea, it serious killed my buzz for the day. And you know what? That was the last of my stash.

  2. i get nose bleeds like the one you described when im in a dry place. sometimes in the winter i have to break out the humidfier cuz the house is so dry and they happen so frequently. ive always had a nose bleed problem tho.

  3. Yea, that was the first time I've ever had a nosebleed. Ever. But it is pretty dry currently, so I guess/hope that it was all a coincidence.
  4. I've been having nose bleed problems lately myself. Even when I'm not high. Every morning when I wake up I've been having one, and my lips have been cracking. It's the dryness. Just get a humidifier.

    (Or, if you don't mind Vaseline, a co-worker of mine told me something she used to do for her youngest kid when he used to get nose bleeds like that. Just take a Q-Tip and get some Vaseline and coat the inside of your nose to keep it from drying out. I haven't tried it yet to see if it works because I don't have any Vaseline, but she said it works great.)
  5. ergh i hate nosebleeds

    never had on luckily touch wood
    does a mdf compy desk count as wood?
  6. hey man...i know a lot about nose bleeds!! i used to get those shits a lot! welll the only reason u got it was becuase you were dry up there in your nose. Someone said earlier about putting vasilene up there and that would def. work. Smoking may have only just done a little bit to it. If you exhaled through your nose that may have made it a lil dry. Like if someone who usually doesnt blow smoke out of thier nose, all of a sudden does they may a get a nosebleed a little later.

    And that feeling you got when you got out of bed that morining is also really normal. You were def just chillin there, laying down, really comfortable and shit. When you get up very quickly (or not even very quickly) from laying down, you'll get dizy, even to the point to where u may fall down. This is because blood is just rushing back to your head. One way to avoid this is to just get up slowly/casually next time, no rush....feel good, and hows the nose doin?
  7. Alright cool. I've always been sitting up or walking around doin stuff when I'm stoned before that so I was kinda worried somethin' bad was going on. And yea it's been really dry up here for a while, so that was probably the cause of the nost bleed. My dad had to go get a new humidifier for the house because it was so dry.
  8. never in my life had a nose bleed, i can't even begin to imagine it.. just eh.. i can't see it, blood runnin out of my nose just out of no where..
  9. i've never had a nosebleed ever. but my nose has been kind of dry lately. maybe i'll put some valesine in it. blegkth that's gross.

  10. I talked to someone who got nosebleeds from time to time, and she said that if you hold your nose shut or otherwise obstruct it, blood will start to come out of your eyes (the tear ducts, the inner 'edges' of your eyes)... now that sounds freaky
  11. And isn't it true if you hold your head back you can drown in your own blood?

  12. wtf, my mom used to always tell me to put my head back. I didn't think she had it in for me until I was at least 18... :D
  13. Yikes, the only way I could stop my nosebleeds was by holding my head back and pinching my nose shut. Guess I just did a two-for-one death warrant huh?

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