messed up with a girl last night

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. so my friends and I are all at the bar we hang out at last night getting wasted..tuesday's are their busiest nights. One of my friend's friends who's real hot was hanging out with us even though my buddy I know her through isn't there..well we were chilling for a while and she was texting him saying she wanted to get with me and he was forwarding the texts to me cause we're cool like that so I'm like straight. We hung out talking for a while and then her and me left the bar to go chill at another bar down the street where one of our friend's was bartending. We were pretty faced at this point her especially...she kept telling me she had to wake up at 730 and how much it sucked. She gets some pita pit around 3am and tells me we gotta go over to her apt complex for afterhours which was about a block away still downtown. So we stumble over there and go to the apt next to hers where she wanted to go(also where 2 of my friends live) and low and behold it's a coke bash in 2 rooms bout 20 people there and she hates coke. I told her I wasn't going to do it tonight because I knew she'd like that...well we sit down and spark a bowl while she eats her pita pit with kids doing coke right next to us. She got up after the bowl and said she was going to bed and I didn't want to be a creep and just follow her so I said cool I'll talk to you later (she also had to wake up in around 4 hours at this point). After she left I said whatever and joined in on the surrounding festivities with my friends.

    Well today I learn she told my buddy I know her through and I chose to blow coke instead of coming to her place with her...not at all how it went down but I still feel stupid. I probably should have just got up and followed her when she said she was going to bed but I made a bad gametime decision ha. She's hot too...oh goes on I guess.
  2. was the coke good
  3. you messed up because you let her sleep instead of going for some nookie and she mistook it as something else? bullshit.
  4. yep..the coke was fire as hell we were flying til around 7am.. and yeah Shagra that's pretty much what happened. It's not like I started blowing lines when she was still there and then she left..
  5. How'd she find out? She's probably just bitching (sorry to be rude) because every girl I know would be like "Oh carry me to bed" or something if they're sick drunk. You did nothing wrong, you didn't have to wake up early in the morning for work and had more free time to party.
  6. She just assumed I did it with all of them I guess...I thought for a second of asking if I could come check out her place when she was leaving but if she happened to be on a different level that would have been hella awkward
  7. yeah bro, this is what i got out of the story: fire coke > overeacting females
  8. I think you made the right choice.
  9. Tell her the truth man. Say, "I didn't want to seem like a creep and follow you without you asking me. Plus, I'd figurered you would want to sleep."
  10. u shoulda say do you want me to tuck you in.
  11. hahaha spoken from a true coke fan

    "fuck the story man how was the yayo??"
  12. Once you got the texts from your friend, you should have been looking for 1 on 1 time with her. In private. You did the right thing at 3am though. You should have made your move about 3 hrs. sooner. You could of had a little fun with her til she passed out, and you wouldn't have polluted your sinus cavities with the Devil's dandruff.
  13. mMm dandruff...
  14. Dont worry about it dude.

    No girl is worth putting up with the bullshit that most girls will make you put up with.
  15. If I was you I woulda bought like a 10 sacks worth from one of those guys being careful not to let her see you, go to the bathroom before sex, do a bump, get to fucking and have fun.

  16. QFT Brother. All she could have said was yes or no. Yes booty, no yayo
  17. naw dont worry about it, just tell your friend what you just told us and im sure he will pass it on to her. or tell her that yourself. she might realize that you are more boyfriend quality than just a cheap fuck..
  18. She wanted you to wax that ass, hopefully you'll get another chance man--what girls say and REALLY WANT are two totally different things.
  19. oh god you poor bastard. if the lady says she wants you all night you fucking follow her to bed. jeez man, show her you have more interest in her than the damn coke, assuming you do. hope ya can fix it. good luck
  20. too late, Ruse already swooped in for the rebound.

    sorry man. At least you got some yay though.

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