messed up second plant?

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    damn I'm new to this my first plant tasted the best i had ever smoke but only fed molasses and very little powerflower botanicare. didn't flush and it was amazing my soil is foxfarms happy frog and i'm using biogrow and liquid karma. the buds weren't that dense the last grow though so i upped the power plant on my second blueberryxog harvested a few nugs they smell horrible and taste like powerplant. the rest of the plant that wasn't harvested smells like power plant also can i flush now for a few days to get some of that out it's disgusting 50% pistils are light orange already
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  3. would my best bet be to make hash with it or would the hash be nasty too
  4. pics please. can give more difinitive answeres then
  5. Don't go by the color of the pistils. Get a pocket microscope to tell when it's ready by looking at the color if trichomes. Whenever it's about to be ready, flush with plain water for 2 weeks prior to harvest. The chemical taste will go away. Then a good month-long cure and you'll be set. Let me know if you need me to expand on any of this.
  6. i have a pocket microscope trichomes are mostly all cloudy few ambers. i flush everyday for the last 14days? i'm trying to water cure the buds i picked already to see if it takes that taste out i heard it takes all taste out mostly

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