messed up my light cycle?

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  1. hello . i've been working on a small 12/12 cfl grow for about 3 weeks now for my first grow and everything seems to be going good and healthy . but lately i haven't been as consistent with turning my lights on . does it matter if i accidentally forgot to turn my lights on for roughly 30 minutes? i did this a few other times too by accident and just ended up switching the times . like for example . usually i go from 12 in the afternoon to 12 at night but recently went from 12:30 to 12:30 and today 1:00 - 1:00 . is it bad for the plants to go through this or will they be fine? i wanted to get one of those power bars with a timer but wasn't sure if it would work with these phillips cfl bulbs i bought .

  2. It's not good to adjust the times too much. If you have a Walmart or Home depot type store grab a $5 timer, and never worry about it again
  3. You'll only get worse about it over time. Invest in a timer. After awhile it's going to get really old having to be home every day at the same time. You'll never be able to go anywhere.

    Bro Cfls are just light bulbs adapted to growing, nothing fancy any old timer will work. Even with large grow lights timers are a must

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  4. thanks for the info guys. yeah im most def gunna buy a timer on friday when i get my check .. for some reason i thought timers wouldn't work with cfls or would cause them to explode or something lol . and the one im looking at is a complete powerbar with a timer on it . its only 25$ so its not that big of a deal . plus i don't think a regular timer has enough plugs for all my cfls? i have 4-5 things i need to plug in and all of the timers i've seen have like 1-2 plugs. im guessing maybe people just connect a powerbar to the timer or somethin idk . but im just going to go with that complete one and see how she works .
  5. Not sure if you are using auto flowers but I have heard you can run the lights 24/7. That's what I've been doing with mine and they are comin along nicely as well
  6. Just plug everything into a power bar, and then buy a $5 timer at Walmart and control the power stip from the timer
  7. You certainly can run 24/7 if you want but it's good to give em a break. 20/4 will suffice if you feel you need more light. Somewhere in these threads someone did a study and found anything over 18 hours wasn't really adding, and if anything inhibits root growth. Give it a go

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