messed up getting in with suspected tokers livin right next to me

Discussion in 'General' started by Androgenicx, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. west chicagoland is a land of hookups. I live in a suburb and have yet to find a hookup.

    Was taking out the trash and stuff when I heard a bunch of dudes, 19-22ish sittin up and havin a relaxed time on their balcony, saw something white in one of their mouths.

    They couldn't see me so I just hung below the balcony for a minute or two just to see what was up. Heard

    - stonereqsue/ stoned sounding talk (you know it right off the bat when your a stoner yourself)
    - very frequent flicking of lighters...sometimes 6-8 clicks in a 30-40 second period
    - some coughing

    This was enough for me to try and talk to them.

    I said 'hey whatsup. down here", one of them looked down and said whatsup. heres where i messed up - instead of telling them that i was their neighbor and making fluff talk first, i blurted out "you guys know what time it is? Is it 420 yet?"

    some dude i couldn't see earlier jumped bolt upright and said "what?". I repeated "is it 420 yet". He said "I don't know" and sat back down. I went back to my apartment...

    Any suggestions? Sound like stoners to you guys or was it just wishful thinking
  2. Buy them a fruit basket and write an apology, as well as a better introduction, on the note.
  3. hahaha they must have been like "who the fuck is this guy?"
  4. Haha, I thought the same thing!
  5. lmao thats some funny shit.
  6. lol, this was my first time trying to get a hookup outside my friends circle, gimme a break :hello:

    Well, I know for sure that anyone from my smoking circle would pickup on the 420 thing FAST and invite the person to the sesh...but yeah, i could have handled it much better and increased my chances alot
  7. me too
  8. so what, is this a dead lead now or any suggestions apart from the fruit basket :smoking:
  9. Just wait till you see one of them around. Be like hey whats up i live in apartment ---

    just because you messed up this one time doesn't end your chances forever, theyre your neighbors.

    Or chill on your porch till you see them outside and light up a joint, let THEM see YOU smoking so they know your cool.

    Or if youve got balls walk over to their apartment, knock on the door, hold up a sack of green and say hey im your neighbor from apartment ---, couldn't help but notice you guys toking up earlier, want to join me in a blunt?

  10. if i had goods. completely dry, new town, don't know anyone
  11. Do you have a cool piece? Bring over a tight bowl/bubbler or a huge bong and ask hey, got any green?

    if your pieces suck, my last resort would be to get a superblunt and be like check this thing out, wanna blaze?

    tell them you'll throw in some dough since your out of bud or ask them to hook you up with some bud.

    If you cant find a superblunt then a normal Swisher will do but if one of my neighbors came over with a single swisher and said hey buddy i have a cigar want to smoke weed? i'd probably laugh.

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