Messed up branches badly by supercropping but plant is still thriving. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by U S S R, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. B234EAB7-13FB-475C-B279-D3D3B01DDDA5.png I’m a novice grower and about a week ago I found out about supercropping and deciding I’d try it. It went relatively well with several branches but of course, I snapped the shit out of two or three good ones that have just been hanging by a strand. The thing is, even the severely broken ones have been growing and even thriving. The picture I included is of one of the main branches of this plant and it’s almost the tallest part of the plant.

    My question is this, I snapped it about a week ago and the plant is still growing a lot and nothing has died. But, I thought the area of the breakage would start healing and knuckling up but it just seems to be browned up and not really repairing itself much. Should I be concerned about these areas or just let the plant do its thing since it seems like it’s still growing just fine?
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  2. Should he like slice both ends and graft it back together? That is my first thought but idk..
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  3. I dont know about supercropping, but one time I had a crop I put out too early, and it went into flower. Took about 3 weeks for it to reveg. When it did, it looked really bad. Really long inter-distance nodes, and not much bud points. I'm like, "What do I do?!?!". I've heard of people after hacking their plants, leaving some of the underdeveloped branches still on, and let those grow out and get a 2nd (smaller) harvest. This was actually right around this time of year..maybe around June 25th, so still fairly close to being @ the longest day of the year (21st), and I thought they would veg out and flower and look like normal plants--they did. I hacked em down. My neighbors who know about my growing probably thought I was insane/dumbass. I hackem down (main stem), but on all the plants, left some smaller laterals/bottom growth intact. Those plants took off and while they didn't get 5-6ft, they got about 3-3.5 feet, and I got a nice harvest from it. Weed is forgiving, if the weather/climate/genetics allows.
  4. U might tape it up, and it knuckle up, doubt it now.
    It will be a weak spot and probably fail with weight of bud.
    Can you cut it off?
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  5. Boy, oh boy...
    It looks, to me, as though you're about a week too late to try to repair that.
    I hope someone comes along with a fix for you...
  6. I would just hack it off, and leave everything else intact. Energy will go into those nodes/branches/buds.Still 'early' enough in the year light wise.
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  7. Hell, air clone it at the next node up if it's still doing ok. JMO. At least it wouldn't be a total loss.
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  8. There's a learning curve to supercropping and you just bumped up against it. I'm guessing you crushed the stem before you bent it over, eh? If it's still looking good with that much damage there must be some water getting thru that spot even though I don't see where. I'd give it support until I was sure it wasn't going to make it, I've had a couple pull thru that surprised me.
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  9. I would make a splint and tape it up. Ya just never know. As OP said its still alive.
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  10. I would splint it and Tape it. Or just tape it which I did last run and the plant pulled thru just fine.
  11. Splint it, if no good, clone it then. The plant will make up for the loss
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