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  1. so i send a message to barack obama on weed legalization and this is wut he had to say
    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting Obama for America to inquire about the Senator's position on allowing severely ill patients to use marijuana for medical purposes.

    Many states have laws that condone medical marijuana, but the Bush Administration is using federal drug enforcement agents to raid these facilities and arrest seriously ill people. Focusing scarce law enforcement resources on these patients who pose no threat while many violent and highly dangerous drug traffickers are at large makes no sense. Senator Obama will not continue the Bush policy when he is president.

    Thank you again for contacting us.


    Obama for America

    Paid for by Obama for America
  2. this is why im voting for obama
  3. Yo Good info! So how can I send him a message cuz I would like to get that topic fresh and clear in his head.
  4. uncalled for....
  5. Dang seriously whats up with the racist comments. I have been with so many potheads. And dont get me wrong I love white people. (im black) But ya'll are so chill when black people and white people blaze. I didnt no a racist pot head existed it. Not trying to call anyone a pothead tho.
  6. Welcome to the internet man... It's sad but it's true. Everyday people who would typically slink away from even the tamest of social situations possessing even a hint of volatility will fire off racist idiocy all day long when given the relative anonymity of the internet.

    ...Probably the wordiest thing I've ever said, but all my friends of different races have told me some crazy shit they've encountered...even with stoners/potheads (I've never objected to the term haha)...

    Then again, I do live in Texas :) Racist crap abounds--I'd assume most secure people almost find racism/general bigotry sent their direction almost laughable and feel immediately elevated ABOVE said bigot.

    And hell yeah Obama--funny how even 4 years ago if anyone had aligned themselves the way Obama just did, it would've been a death sentence politically...

    Times Have Changed. Those letters are capialized for a reason!

    -Swerd Murd
  7. Him funny found out Bush sent the secretary of state of state and the head of military to Georgia to support. funny if either of them dies bush will have to be no choice and then if it even gets to that he can remain a president for another for years for the war.

    hmm thats just weird-:confused:
  8. im pretty damn sure obama will win the electoral votes cuz congress is democratic dominated now, but its fucked up, popular vote should be deciding because thats the peoples vote. im sure i sound like a broken record though.

    i myself am down for mccain, one heroic bastard.
  9. ya dont sound like a broken record. We just need to get things back in order.
  10. A complete sell-out is my idea of a heroic bastard aswell! :rolleyes:
  11. So this is better than normal but what scares me about Obama is that he's a shill for AIPAC & also talks about putting together a million person citizen's domestic force as big as the army to combat 'terrorism'. & that he has Zbigknew Brezinski behind him who's a major imperialist & that he's backed by the CFR, Bilderberg, etc.

    I was for Ron Paul but he didn't try very hard to win imo. It's like he never really wanted it.

  12. The soldiers who fought with him in Vietnam don't think he's very heroic:

  13. how about..RETARDED. Please quit smoking weed. You make us look stupid.
  14. kyskunk. listen up fool.....

    the renaissance (do you know what that is?) started in the middle east, while europeans were living in their shit.

    second, obama's father is from east africa, not the middle east. At the very least you should call him a serenghetti(sp?) something.
  15. We have had too many white haired old white guys in office.

    Change is needed.

    (queue John McCain's fanboys)
  16. eleven,

    i'm not a McCain supporter or "fanboy".
    i agree we need change bro.. but not legalizing or decriminalizing weed and just having the DEA "look the other way" is hardly change imo.
  17. where did you come to this conclusion?

    because the networks didn't give him airtime.. so you assume he didn't try and that he didn't want it?
  18. just move to canada!! :hello:

  19. Yeah cept some cash is gonna be handed to the DEA to look the other way. And mostly in their mind they think they dont have to look away.

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