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  1. So im thinking about buying a San Pedro Cactus online to try mescaline. Now I know nothing about the process but I have googled it and I am wondering if anyone has experience doing it?

  2. Just buy it at home depot and save yourself on the shipping.
  3. Get something better than San Pedro, it's a hell of a lot of work for barely anything.
  4. What works better?
  5. Pereuvian torch for one. The mescaline cactus itself is nice and you can find it online in seed kits and sometimes dried.

    The mescaline cactus actually makes the extraction worth it.
  6. There's an enormous argument about what is better than the obvious Peyote, which is the only one illegal. (Mescaline, itself, is illegal though.)

    Truth be told, the yield varies plant to plant, not just species to species. A puruvian torch can yield jack and a san pedro can yield a fortune, and vise versa. The difference is miniscule and HIGHLY variable
  7. Thank you for adding what I left out.

    He is right though, you can get a bunk cactus or an ok cactus and you will never know. At $15+ for a foot long section of cactus it gets expensive and fast.
  8. The San Pedro cactus is not going to do it as far as the amount needed to feel the effect compared to the amount of shit you have to through is 5 to 10 times as much eating compared to peyote . The awful taste you will have to take will blow your mind since San Pedro tastes as bad over all as peyote too .

    Fresh peyote is so damned revolting to the tongue's taste buds , at best it will take a week of taking little bits at a time and suck on them to build up the ability to over ride the bodies involuntary gut reaction to puke .

    Sure you can try chugging some blended with ice cream , but -- you will puke

    Try chewing it in little pieces and swallowing it with water and then - -you puke

    Cut it up in little tiny bite sized pieces and swallowing it with orange juice - - and then again puke .

    San Pedro will do the same thing over all and in the end you won't really get as great a trip for the effort .

    Well preserved dry peyote is best for the sake of downing them easily by grinding them up in a coffee mill and filling gelatin capsules to down the easy way .

    As is the case fresher is better so if ya wanna do it ya gotta suffer !


    Local Boy
  9. I ordered 3 ft of san pedro cacti cuttings.

    It was fucking ridiculous to get the skin off of a foot, so I left it on the other 2 feet, I then sliced all the "meat" away from the core, and sliced them into tiny pieces, and since it was balls cold outside, I lay it all on pans and left it in the garage to freeze.

    Then after a day of being frozen, I blended 1c of san pedro with 1c of water, then poured it slowly through a cut up t-shirt to strain it.

    The whole process took quite awhile, but I had like 64 fluid ounces of this cactus/water mix left, which I boiled down and divided it into 2 doses.

    I drank a whole dose, and 3 of my friends decided to split the other, it tasted extremely bitter, like the most bitter cucumber EVER, but had no after taste (I chased it with water)

    My mistake was taking 5g of syrian rue to exponetiate the fucked me, and I still believe it was the only reason I had a bad trip.

    I've also ordered san pedro powder, in my opinion, the already prepared is the way to go...but I also think that if you want to enjoy mescaline, you should prepare it yourself once, its sort of like rite of passage into the Mescalito's world :p lol

    But really, it'll give you insight on the process you need to go through to get X (mescaline) out of Y (cactus) lol
  10. how much did that cost? and is it local or online?
  11. San Pedro works, but it still sucks.
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