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Mescaline-Bearing Cacti

Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. So you guys have of course heard of cati (i.e. peyote e.t.c.) that contain mescaline correct?
    Well there are many types of cati that do.

    Go to the nearest place that sells any kind of cati (garden/herb/plant/flower stores) and look for these:


    Family: Cactaceae

    Genus: Gymnocalycium
    Species: gibbosum: Native to Argentina leeanum: Native to Argentina, Uruquay

    Genus: Islaya
    Species: minor: Native to South Peru

    Genus: Lophophora
    Species: diffusa (Peyote): Native to Mexico williamsii (Peyote, Mescal,Chaute etc.): the classic Peyote, grows in north central Mexico and south Texas.

    Genus: Opuntia
    Species: imbricata: Native to S-W USA to Central Mexico. spinosior: Native to Arizona, New Mexico, Northern Mexico.

    Genus: Pelecyphora
    Species: aselliformis (Peyotillo, Peyote meco): Native to San Luis Potosi, Mexico

    Genus: Pereskia
    Species: corrugata tampicana: Native to Tampico, Mexico.

    Genus: Pereskiopsis
    Species: scandens: Native to Yucatan, Mexico.

    Genus: Stetsonia
    Species: coryne: Native to Northwestern Argentina.

    Genus: Trichocereus
    Species: cuzcoensis: Native to Cuzco, Peru. fulvianus: Native to Chile. macrogonus: Native to South America. pachanoi (San Pedro, Giganton): Native to Peru, Equador. peruvianus (Peruvian Fence Post): Native to Peru. scopulicola taquimbalensis: Native to Bolivia. terscheckii (Cardon grande): Native to Northwestern Argentina. validus: Native to Bolivia. werdermannianus: Native to Tupiza & Charcoma, Bolivia.
    Description: Trichocerei are columnar, branched or candelabra like cacti, which usually grow very fast. Cereus is a different genus, whose members haven't been found to contain mescaline.
  2. whoa... a useful post if ever I saw one. Thankyou xZit- i was really wanting to try some kind of cactus at some point.
  3. Nice post, my buddy is grown san Pedro or something.. It takes along time to grow those fuckers though.. thats the only problem :smoke: toke on

  4. glad you guys thought this information was helpful.
    Check this out for your friend once hes ready to pick his san pedro cati:


    If you want--at the end where it shows that green liquid in the cup (the final product) you can alternativly simmer/evaporate away all that water and you will be left with a greenish powder probally at the very end. This is a mescaline extract.
    There are ways to obtain pure (white powder/crystals) from various cati btw. Just gotta look around on www.erowid.com

  5. in my recent exploration of new drugs that i want to try, cacti is indeed one of them and when i get around to it, ill go searching for a few of these cacti because i know ive never heard of mescaline around here

    i want to keep +rep but it wont let me :mad:

  6. yep-just look around at nearby garden stores e.t.c.
    These sorta stores try not to carry peyote. There are a few around my area that get some in around obsucure times of the year for like 1 weekend.

    The other cati listed should hopefully be able to be found in garden stores without to much shopping around.

  7. Bumping this thread.
    I'd like to have this turned to a sticky. But probally won't happen.

    So lets hope others see it. :)

  8. Just wanted to make 1 comment... I doubt you'll find peyote in ANY store here in the U.S. - as they're sorta illegal here :D 'Cept for use in this 1 religion in NM...

    You'll find pleanty of San Pedro or Peruvian Torch though... I'd go with the San Pedro - as it contains more mesculine, and it grows the fastest. Eat about 1 foot of San Pedro and you've got a good night. Eat 1.5 feet and you'll not be able to discern what's real and what isn't anymore ;)
  9. so you can just go to a garden store and buy some san pedro cacti for aprx $?
  10. damn my friend told me about making mescaline, but was a real dick about the details. It seems so easy, rep+ for removing the veil on this supposedly wonderful stimulant.

  11. well dunno how much $$.

    In my area (Seattle) like once or twice a year they sell peyote in some garden stores--sorta hard to find. But I know they do becuase I've bought them before.

    Yet peyotes sorta a waste of the actual cacti itslef. The plant needs to be 20 years old for max mescaline production--thats a LONG time of growing a plant for one trip.

    The San Pedro if you can find it is a bit better.
    I've seen these in places before.
  12. i didnt know that they could sell mescalin cacti in the US i thought it was ileagal but i geuss not if any one knows how much it costs they should say cause i would buy some if it wasnt to expensive
  13. Purple haze..... Thanks for the info.....

    When I was 16 - 17 in New York we used to get mesc. Tiny purple pill... Tiny!
    We would get so trippy... Everything becomes Extremely 3D...... People look so wierd..... We loved it..... You simply can not stop laughing!
    Except for the slight pain in the back of our necks, which seems to be associated with it..... Makes ya wonder WHY.... At that age you just don't care! Just be careful!!
    Toke On.... :smoke:

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