Mescaline at shows?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cbhead23, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Me and a buddy are getting some mescaline later tonight.

    Next weekend we are seeing Umphrey's Mcgee and Lotus in atl.

    Has anyone ever taken mescaline at a show? Is it worth it?

    I have taken lsd and shrooms at shows on multiple occasions and had a blast, so do ya'll think mescaline would be fun at a show or should I just take it when I'm chillin somewhere else?
  2. How are you getting it? Are you getting it in capsules in powdered form or are you going to be getting a tea? Sometimes mescaline trips can be pretty nauseating depending on your method of ingestion and how big your dosage is.
  3. From what I hear you ALMOST always puke when you take mescaline. I don't know if you want to have to puke at a show. If your cool with that it should be fun.
  4. Im going to the Umphrey Mcgee show to down in lil 5 :D hope to see you there, I will see you don't worry, your gonna be the one freaking out and getting thrown out. Nah, but I would not mess with mescaline at strong.
  5. We are getting it in capsules. My friend took one a few days ago and had a blast. He also said it was 2 hits to a capsule. I can keep my cool pretty well when tripping, I haven't had a bad trip before. Would smoking some bud help with the nausea or do ya'll suggest I should just wait and take it another time?
    20 dolla a capsule if that helps at all.
    Thanks again fellas!:D

    Also, if I do decide to take it, should I take it at Umphrey's or Lotus/Orchard Lounge?
  6. Bump for a little more input?

  7. Unless the capsulses are huge i doubt it's realy mescaline. You need atleast 300-500mg of pure mescaline for a decent trip. Probably something from the 2c-Family

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