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MESCALIN, Should I try it???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BoNgBoY4LiFe, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. some guys at work where telling me about how over the weekend they did some mescalin then went to a dance club and had the best time of there life. i'm not really big into pills and stuff but how they describe it is one hell of a trip. they weren't sure if there were any sideeffects to it or if you could OD on it. so if anyone knows about it that has done it or thought of doing it just tell me what you think. peaccccce
  2. i never thought it was a pill more like the bud of a cactus. but i am sure you can put it in a pill maybe they were talking about lsd. mescaline is pretty similar to lsd and i think the effects and sideeffects are pretty much the same as lsd
  3. Na its definatly a pill i think your thinking of peyote... i dont have much experience with this drug but i think its a hallucigenic drug closely related to the kind of trip but i dont think chemically...
  4. ya isnt mescaline just extracted (or is it a synthesized drug) from peyote cacti?

  5. hell the trips are fun as hell...
  6. When you do mescalin in pill form, you're doing synthesized mescalin. To take it in its natural form, it would be necessary to ingest the peyote.

    But like I always say...
  7. and when you do peyote there are other chemicals which alter the trip.

    read up at erowid and decide for yourself if you want to do mescaline.
  8. ive wanted to do mesc for a while, but its just too rare around here. i think the pills would just be ground up peyote in em.... unless someone just made caps out of an extraction
  9. i came accross some mescaline not to long ago, it is removed from the peotye cactus and crystalized, then most likely dosed into hits mixed with dry jello or something and put in capsules. at least that is what i had. good stuff, i agree with dirty d, if you do it go somewhere that you can have a nice relaxed trip.

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