Merry XMAS! Who here got a good tree?

Discussion in 'General' started by psycicmind, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Not me I'm fucking dry and there's no way ill be able to get bud today...I guess it's gonna be stems and res today :(
  2. forgot to put in the xmas tree.

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  3. My parents gave me a visa card instead of money lol this sucks

  4. does your boy take credit?
  5. Cant you buy something then return it for money?
  6. Haha wake n bake, merry xmas everyone!

  7. I work at a bank, you can call the # on the back, set up a pin, and withdraw from ATM for a charge
  8. best advice ever ^
  9. [quote name='"4:20 NY"'][/quote]

    Wow, thats an awesome Christmas tree man.
  10. Merry Xmas everyone! Did anyone open gifts yet? My siblings woke me up at the crack of dawn so I'm finished. Got myself a fossil watch and a nice pair of Ray Bans.

    (Not to mention a gift card to Chik-Fil-A)
  11. You could use it to discreetly buy something online, a vape or something? I asked for gift cards to amazon so I could get the plenty vape.
  12. I was actually hoping I would get something like that, was gonna buy a nice pipe here on GC..some awesome discounts right now

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