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Merry Christmas Guys!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Hey guys! I hope each and every one of you have the Merriest Christmas ever. I'm sure Santa will be cool to you all. I sent him a letter and told him you were all VERY good this year and I doubt he could tell I was lying in the letter so hopefully everyone will get a nice fat sack under the tree!!!! YAY!

    Seriously, to all of you who I love so know who you are ;)...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love you guys! Bunches!

  2. HIGH All, I feel All warm inside now Thank You RMJ.

    Hoping you the BEST in the coming year.

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  3. Thanks RMJL!! Wishing everyone here a safe, happy, and high holiday season!! :)
  4. i love mary jane. really, i love mary jane.
  5. Thanks baby!!!!

    I hope everyone has the best christmas ever!
  6. i was absent for a lil while, what happened to flowerchild?

    and a very merry christmas to everyone here, and some special to flowerchild as well...??

    im hungry.
  7. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!!! LOL. Tis the season for love, bonding, and spending time with the special people in our lives!!!!!

    Thank you all sooooooooo very much for the extra karma and love you are sending my way because it is helping me more than you know!!!!!!

    I do hope santa is good to you all because you have to be some of the best, good-hearted people that have ever graced this earth!!!!!!

    Love, Peace, Hugs, Kisses, and A Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!!!!!
  8. Right back at ya RMJL!

    And to the rest of the City as well!
  9. merry christmas everyone

    **hugs to all**

    i hope everyone has an awesome holiday

    much love to everyone
  10. A very merry xmas and a happy new year to all you people. Now lets all toke up and get ready to munch down on some good eats!

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  11. Hell yeah i had an alright Christmas. I got a fat quarter of some good fuckin weed and just smoked a bowl outta my bong by myself..Now im gonna go play with the crossbow i got in the basement...hmm, this should be interesting...

  12. HIGH All, and what good eats they were hedburner. I'm so stuff (like that turkey) I'll be hitting the couch very soon *LOL*. Been into the pussy since 10 this morning, hit the beer and wine store a few times (Rocdog driving) yes our beer and wine stores which sell liquor now are open everyday except New Years Day, Cool Eh!!!!! Good Night All.
  13. yeah. .. meryy christmas guys .... just smoked a bowl ... while listnening to pink floyd ... and now im gonna go eat some chicken dinner leftovers ...

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