Mermaids:the Body Found Documentary.

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  1. I watched this the other night and thought it was a badass documentary as far as entertainment goes.
    It's crazy shit when you're stoned. A stoned off your ass documentary.
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  2. There is also a follow up which I also recommend watching after the fist one mentioned.

    They are both must see documentaries for when stoned.
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    Mermaids do not exist and that footage is fake. [​IMG]
  4. To Barack, NOTHing is real in Your world.
  5. I watched both a few months back. I was amazed! o_O
  6. I fucked a mermaid once...she was cute
  7. soooo wet omgz
  8. Over 90% of the ocean is unexplored, mermaids could very possible exist.

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