Mermaids: the body found. Crazy shit man

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  1. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']

    They actually claimed and played this as actual footage?[/quote]

    Watch the special. I'm sure it can be streamed from somewhere.
  2. I'll look it up.

    If so then holy buttfucking shit how stupid do they think people are. That was like the beginning of a shitty horror film.

    " a time where mermaids are real, one get washed onto the beach and takes his vengence on the species that ruined his world"
  3. There is no way that video was used as mermaid evidence on a discovery channel documentary surely. Last time I watch a documentary on there if that's the case.
  4. [​IMG]

    i know somebody else remembers this
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Believing in Mermaids.. lawl.
  7. :(... :smoking:.... :poke:.... :eek:.... :ey:

  8. Dude your the shit lmao:laughing:
  9. If anybody ever gets the chance to bang a mermaid, at least we'll know what her cunt will smell like. :hello:

    I know this old guy (78) who seriously believes in UFOs, the whole Roswell thing and the government hiding it and all. He also believes everything he sees on TV. I will rub his stupid face in this mermaid thing tomorrow.

    I keep telling him that TV is entertainment, and all these shows he stares at every night are about entertainment first.

    He believes everything on the History Channel of course, never considering that the Germans and Japanese, as an example, probably have a much different view on the events of WWII than Americans do.
  10. What is GC coming to....?
  11. Just watched it and it was def a pretty crazy documentary. I don't see how it was fake seemed pretty legit to me.
  12. i think the real question is would you hit it?

  13. I just watched Discovery Channel: Mermaids the new evidence. 
    It scares me that its somewhat believable yet its the fakest shit i have seen. This is some government brain washing shit to see how gullible we are.
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    The videos they had of them were F'n stupid lol The one with the mermaid even using a spear on a looked like it was completely computer animated. That fish wasnt even moving naturally
  15. I wish I was a mermaid...
    mermaids are sexy... I think.
  17. I want to live in the ocean but I don't want to be 100% animal.

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  18. I would love to see 100% solid proof of this. The idea is very intriguing. :)
  19. remember back in 1995 when this fucking network was educational?

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