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    So here it is my grow journal its time I started one. As of right now there are 5 strains I'm growing. OG kush, eletric haze, purp nupaul, afgan kush, and juicy fruit. But planning on a few more to add later on. As of this point I am 34 day in to flower with 2 jf and 1 haze.

    The set up.
    400w hps
    Air cooled hood
    6" active air
    For veg
    One t5

    And the part ever one wants to see is the pics well see that's going to be a day or so hold on the wait will be worth it. Well hell they won't up up load
  2. of course im subbed.
  3. There in the dark then tonight. I'm falling the trees
  4. Gotta support Mile High brothers! I'm sub'd
  5. Pics soon hopefully.

  6. There should be a lot of bud porn tonight for you guys and thank for the subbs and to the mile high guys you no how we grow go big or go home.
  7. just saw this... lets see it and keep reppin CO
  8. Sorry guys been trying to get pics up for you but my shit is not working. But one of the guys that I hang out with got some pics of the buds and I'm going to have him post them up on here for me so you all can have something to look at tell I can post a bunch of pics for you
  9. This is from last time will have new pix of this one up friday

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  10. looks SOO good man.

    nice job.
  11. The purple ones are jf and the whit ones are E haze same kind I'm flowering now next time its og kush and excellenty
  12. NAICE, one day we shall have to meet up and go for a nice blaze hike or something man.

    as there are SO many Coloradoans around here!
  13. Right it seems like this site is mostly coloradoans like us. And that sounds like a plan we shall have to do so
  14. That is some nice looking bud you got there Merdoc!

    ...on another note, how is it out in Colorado?

  15. Right now its looking like rain in the forcast for to night and wind mostly
  16. We've had rain the last 2-3 days around 5-6 pm here in town... Areas of boulder flooded. Several commercial growers in the mountains west of Boulder lost hundreds of plants due to the flooding! :eek: Been a crazy monsoon season! :rolleyes:
  17. We getting it about 6 or 7 and its a hard rain for about an hour or so then its just a drisl tell dark then it clears up but I don't care as long as we get the rain. But you sound like your getting to much rain at one time and its killing the girls witch is not good at all that's a lot of meds being washed a way.

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