Mercury and MESSENGER (another AWESOME spacey thread!)

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by MrGers, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. those pictures were BAAAAALLER!!!
    i've never seen those solar panels so close up. that was awesome.
  2. those pics were amazing but the sad part is those are complete dick! if u notice on all the pictures where there is "space" in the back round are all edited and fucked with look at the out line of the planet on all the shots where u can see the planets outline there all photo shopped. notice how none of them at all are straight there jiggly as if some traced over reason being there hiding stuff. and i kno space is dark but please tell me with the amount of magnification u can see one comet or space rocks its juss complete black? foor for thought another thing to no to those pictures are upside down and flipped around! got a friend in nasa :)
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    ^^^^^^How about first learning how to spell or @ least how to use spell check and also how to control your choice of words before you criticize someones scientific work the way you did.


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