Mercedes Benz S55 AMG

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    Damn, my dad bought a 2002 S55 AMG, this is some good news :smoke:

    350 HP 5.4L V8 ... going to be damn fun driving this, and at some point blunt cruising :smoke:

    Looks kind of like this:



    I wish this was my car, maybe in a year or two :smoke: What do you guys think about the S55 AMG?
  2. I got to drive an 07 S600 V12 biturbo. Talk about HOLY FUCK. Gave it 1/4 throttle at the first stop sign and traction control had to stop me spinning the tires. 700 ft lbs will do that. Be careful when you're driving it. Please. I know it's big and comfy but it's also VERY VERY fast.

  3. I will be stealing your turbos for my v12, thank you.
  4. Haha nice man! and I will be careful :smoke:
  5. My 5.4l engine has over 400 hp and 450 ft lbs, made in the USA too. And its in a truck. Is there anything a Whipple cant do? Pretty sweet car, just had to bring you down a peg.
  6. I bet that S-class will give your truck a run for its money. Pics?
  7. man you're cool

    damn bro, i'm jealous. This girl I went to highschool had one of those, I don't know why
  8. AMG knows how to pick up a good Merc and make it a bit better.
  9. I don't really care though because im only a high school senior lmfao :smoke:
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    Hahaha, my 2.5l 4 cylinder makes that. Made in the good 'ole Japan. And it's in a car. Is there anything a Subi can't do? Figured I'd pull your peg out and watch you hit the floor lmfao :smoke:

    Seriously though, no offense, just playin' :bongin:

    And ampeddd, that is one sick ass whip. That is my dream daily driver.
  11. And no fucks were givin. Those aren't impressive numbers for a truck.
  12. Haha thanks man :) I just drove it today, its such a smooth drive and accelerates so quick. So comfortable, every single seat in the car has a massage function :smoke:

    It's not black though, its silver-ish. Black is my favourite but i can't complain this car is so sick :smoke:
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    Man, I originally wanted an STi in either World Rally Blue, or Obsidian Black Pearl.

    I got one in Platinum Silver Metallic and you honestly couldn't pay me to switch. I love the color so much it's unreal. Give it some time, you'll love it.

    Actually my car comes back from the shop end of this week (so excited :hello:). It's getting 850cc injectors, external wastegate, new boost controller, and a shitload of other things. Oh and a protune on a dyno. I'll tell you what though, I was dying inside without her. Sorry for the mild thread hijack, I'm feelin' good and thinkin' bout my car :D

    Here's a pic of my wheels:

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  14. That's alright man! im glad you enjoy your car so much, its a great feeling huh :smoke:
  15. The S puts out a lot more hp and torque than the s55 does. I've driven a s600,c63 amg, ml63 amg, e350, sl 55 amg and slk55 amg. One of my coworkesr owns a sl65 amg (v12 biturbo) and man that thing hauls. the s55 amg doesent even have a ton of hp and is pretty heavy. It will move but not like a s600 or cls55 amg. Very nice cars to blunt cruise in and have a lead foot. Have fun!
  16. If all you guys want to start talking about powerfull cars. I have a mk4 supra sitting in my garage that has a gt47 under the hood. Went off the dyno graph last spring at over 1000rwhp on 93oct and 23psi. That was also with my smaller injectors.
  17. man what's up with all the assholes tryin to jack the OPs thread? if you want to brag about your car, make your own thread. don't jack someone elses.

    come on bro, number one rule of the internet:

    pics or it didn't happen
  18. hey OP im pretty sure your car is not supercharged, since its the 2002 model. Also the picture that u gave us is of a 2003+ model and is supercharged, putting down 500hp. So big difference. Just letting u know
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    Your not making over 1000whp with a gt47r at only 23 psi lol
  20. dope car, perfect for smoking blunts in :smoke:

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