Mercedes Benz S55 AMG

Discussion in 'General' started by Amped, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I have an s350 amg back in bahrain still didn't drive it though, i think i'm going to ship it down here.
    although it's much cheaper than my first but am sure i'm going to like it just as much if not more.
    GOOOO! Amg.
    congrats man :), amgs are awesome, he will probably give it to you as a gift soon ;) hopefully
  2. The down side to consumerism, is that our lives eventually revolve around it, and we marvel at things because they are fast, and "shiny".
  3. My life definitely doesn't revolve around materialistic things, I can just appreciate a good car, whats wrong with that :smoke:
  4. Nothing, that wasn't directed towards you, just to the public in general :smoke: Most stoners don't rely on material things.. I'm ripped as shit, and I love analyzing social patterns when I'm baked. :bongin:

  5. i love eating when im baked.
  6. Spoiled lucky son of a bitch
  7. haha when he gets a new car this will probably be mine, and my dad switches cars quite a lot :smoke: Maybe in a year this will be mine, who knows :smoke:

    Yeah its true, Weed > all materialistic things for me LMFAO :smoke:

    A lot of people love analyzing others when baked, I know where your comin from :smoke:

    It's not even MY car :confused_2: :smoke:
  8. Lol 350HP? I hate slow luxury cars. I've got a 2003 LS1 twin turbo.. 250HP ZEX Nitrous Shot.. Long tube headers.. Borla Catback.. Forged Internals and much more. I prefer power over luxury.

    That is a really nice car though, sick interior too.
  9. thats cool but really you think 350HP is slow? It accelerates like a beast and it's one of the most comfortable cars i've been in :smoke:

    It's not like you need it to be any faster.... there isnt even anywhere you can drive fast. The S55 AMG is definitely fast though, you can't call it a slow car :smoke:

  10. My friend just turned 18.



  11. nice my friend got his dad's corvette when he turned 16
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    I think BMW.

  13. BMW is also my favorite :smoke: Benz is more comfortable though :smoke:

  14. True that man, as much as i love them still benz is just way more comfortable.
  15. I was driving today, it's amazing. I put it in ABC Sport mode <3

    Acceleration is so fucking fast and yet soooo damn smooth. The sound of the engine is awesome :smoke:
  16. This just makes me miss my E class even more...RIP Jenny! :(
  17. Thas a nice whip. Dont burn the seats :p
  18. What happened to Jenny? :smoke:

    thanks man, definitely wont! :smoke:

    *knock on wood*
  19. 4 car accident caused by a rubbernecker. We were all stopped at a light and someone across the street was getting a ticket, the lady in the very back was paying attention to that instead of driving and she hit the car 2 behind me, then they hit the car behind me (a pregnant lady!), she hit me, and i got screwed by hitting a truck. Should have yanked my e-brake and tried to stop but it happened so damn fast. Straight up accordioned my car :(.

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