Mercedes Benz S55 AMG

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    Damn, my dad bought a 2002 S55 AMG, this is some good news :smoke:

    350 HP 5.4L V8 ... going to be damn fun driving this, and at some point blunt cruising :smoke:

    Looks kind of like this:



    I wish this was my car, maybe in a year or two :smoke: What do you guys think about the S55 AMG?
  2. 1: there is a car section
    2: damn nowadays 350 is like nothing for a s class... that changed fast
    3: despite that, id love to cruise in that ride everyday :D have fun if your allowed to drive it
  3. Of course im allowed to drive it! If only we had the autobahn here in Canada :smoke:

    This car still has a FUCK ton of power, accelerates so fast and its so damn comfortable. :smoke:
  4. That is a boss ride.
  5. thanks man, i think so too :smoke:

    cruising around listening to some biggie smalls and curren$y its gunna be heaven :smoke:
  6. Hahahaa the car was made for blunt cruising listening to biggie , I envy youuu!!!
  7. ballin
  8. BOSS. dude drive that down here to philly and pick me up. well L ride all the way back to canada.
  9. haha right... looks like you got the car, but nowhere to really drive fast and i got the streets but not the ride :D too bad
  10. ya my 3.4 v6 pushes 330 hp
  11. haha man I wish i could, totally would :smoke:

    Want autobahn in Canada, now! :( haha
  12. bump just cause :smoke:

  13. true that man. im rockin an S 550 (382 HP, i dont really like it :p) soon a 1967 pontiac fire bird convertible, a kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, and i may be getting my hands on a Ferrari 599 GTO :cool:
  14. how do you not like the S 550 :eek:

    and damn you rich :smoke:

  15. :confused_2: not really my thing man
  16. Well it's definitely mine :smoke:

    drove it today, so comfortable and fast, I love it :smoke: Seat massage ftw lmfao

    it is silver not black though, i dont mind :smoke:

  17. i admit they are nice cars but i prefer the italian sports cars :p
  18. I love my Benz.

    Lemme know how fast you guys can get :wave:
  19. haha idunno. If we were in europe right now id be driving fucking fast, but I doubt ill go above 150 here in Ontario unless im on some deserted road :( Fucking fines are crazy :(

  20. haha same i live in the middle of suburbia :p
    there was a huge crash a block from my house like a week ago,
    a red audi was pulling out of a side street and a tan lexus smashed into it and flipped and landed in the other lane where another car plowed into the lexus

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