Mephisto Walter White and Ghost toof

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  1. Hey everyone! Im running Mephisto auto flowers in a 2x4x5 tent. 4 in fan and carb filter. I have a few fans also. I use a 2000watt(350) King plus led blurple.

    General Hydroponics trio nutes. RO water
    3 gal. fabric pots
    temp range -68-77
    Rh- 42-58

    I am a member on Auto Flower Network as well. Site issues recently has brought me here.

    I'm on day 55 on this grow 3 plants total. They started flowing on about day 35-40. I've been feeding everyday with 2 gal. split between the 3.

    Nutes: 3 ml cal mag/ 2 ml Micro/ 3 ml Bloom per gallon at 360 ppm ph 5.8-6.0

    Walter white
    TC8C5869.jpg TC8C5867.jpg

    Ghost toof 1
    TC8C5848.jpg TC8C5859.jpg TC8C5856.jpg

    Ghost toof 2 aka "Nubby" She started off like a runt and now is the biggest in the tent at 24 inches tall.
    TC8C5846.jpg TC8C5845.jpg

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