meow like a cat! she said

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  1. hello all. i know this lady, a cougar of sort. anyway she invited me to her plot and we began to do the dirty 123..

    and this woman has i dont know 4-6 cats. the place reeked of cats, which was quite a turnoff, and she had probably the biggesst bush i have ever, ever, seen. like i couldnt even see it. it was buried, like a carpet, like a jungle.

    anyway as we were doing it she says meow like a cat real quiet and just said nothing like i didnt hear anything then she said it louder and i was like "excuse me" and she was on top grabbed my jolly knockers with an iron grip and fucking yelled, "MEOW!" so i fucking did, and i felt like such a bitch, it was shameful and i didnt even bust.

    i walked all the fuckign way home, an didnt let her drive me. i feel like a samurai thats been defeated in battle.
  2. i see a baby in your pic.
  3. First mistake was a woman with pubic hair.
  4. You should have got on top and stuck it in her butt and said NOW YOU MEOW! That would have taught her yes?
  5. What do you get when you cross the lochness-monster with an old cougar.

    An epic tail.
  6. Shit, I hope you at least wiped your dick off on one of the cats.
  7. I knew this girl that would purr, seriously, whenever i rubbed her cooch. like uncontrolable writhing and was special lol
  8. poor

    does she know you were incomfortable with it?

    Afterwards i would have said "if you ever grab my balls like that again Ill bitch smack the meow right outta yo mouf, ho!!!"
  9. dude...why did you fuck the crazy cat lady?

  10. well i suppose now you have a "cool/weird sex story" for life haha

    ahhhh just like when i fucked my manager ahhhh good times :D

  11. That put you off your nut? Wait till you meet a real freak! You just go with that shit and see how freaky she gets...

  12. This was a weird story.

  13. Indeed.
  14. My favorite part was when you meowed.
  15. I can't believe you REALLY meowed! Lol!
  16. [​IMG]

    Say hi they said...
  17. This thread definitely has the funniest title of any I've seen in a good while.

    Go back to the list and just skim down the page. It stands out.

  18. i would have walked away then.... i work at a vet clinic... i know how bad stale cat pee can be.... yuk...
  19. haha yous funny :D
  20. lmfao!

    !!!!!! MEOW!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAA

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