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menthol cigarettes make you higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by online_doper, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. you all have em', those red-neck rumours that drift through your small hicktown. Well this one, I've known about for years but never actually remembered to test it out. Almost every person in this shithole town claims that if you hotbox a menthol cigarette after smoking some weed, it is supposed to raise your high by 32%. How these red-necks got an exact percentage, no clue. I think it is probably bullshit. what do you think?
  2. Well when this here redneck gets a buzz on, he usually wants to do something he enjoys, and hotboxing a menthol cig is most definetly not on that list. I imagine smacking your self between the eyes with a claw hammer would increase your high, if you consider being dizzy being high, but I don't think I'll try that either.
  3. makes me a li higher, probably just in my mind tho.
  4. Yeah when I first started smokin cigs it fuckin seemed like it made me sooo much high, but now it doesn't really seem to do anything anymore.. :D :D :D
  5. ive been smokin clove cigs lately, (only after weed of course) and i think the numbing in the throat and mouth enhances my high a little bit
  6. or it may just be the enjoyment of the numbness...... who knows
  7. I dont know.I wouldnt really say it increases my high.But it sure feels real good to smoke a cig while high. :)
  8. I wanted to see if smokin a cigarette helps your throat by numbing it a little..So I took a couple huge bong rips, which, did irritate my throat. Then I smoked a cig. (*Takes hit :) ) Well I do believe it helped. Huge hit, and it didn't irritate my throat as :smoke:
  9. the cigerette after smoking pot is the most needed cigerette for me. i dunno why, i just love one afterwards.
  10. cigarettes are gross

  11. I agree 100%...cigs are nasty.
  12. The only time i ever smoke cigs is after i smoke weed and i don't do it all the time, plus i'd only smoke the light menthol ones so that's my opinion
  13. I'm the biggest critic now since I quit smoking, I always give my friends shit when they smoke around me.
  14. Im sadly disappointed in all of those who smoke cigasrettes.
    Why smoke nething if its not gonna do nething for you? I mean it always nice to put some cuffy into your joint to make it burn nicely but i will never again smoke cigarettes. EWW gross
    and when will you have the time to smoke a cigarette unless youre not smoking weed. Just keep ur best bong to the left of you and whenever you want to smoke a cigarette just smoke a bong hit and forget what you were doing.

    Peace (ill have some pics of me smoking my best few bongs.
  15. I think the idea here is that if you smoke a menthol BEFORE smoking weed, the menthol opens up your airways more; this is also why menthol cigs are worse for you than normal... obviously if you have more surface area in your lungs, more thc is absorbed quicker so theoretically they would get you higher...
  16. No cigarettes don't make you higher, but I still love having one after I blaze. Not menthol though, there's enough chemicals in the normal cigarettes as is.
  17. Lol I remember when older kids would try telling me this. if this were true I would probably smoke 2x the amount of cigs than I do now. Def not true. Love smoking 1 after a session though :smoke:
  18. No way! Best after a big meal :hello:
  19. I think its just personal opinion. If you prefer menthol cigarettes as your main brand then it will also be your preference while high. Also, if you want to believe it. It could just be in a matter of peoples heads and if they wanna believe it or not. I'm high right now and I love my double menthol (camel menthol, green box) they come with a bubble you pop in the butt, similar to camel crush (blue and black box) the difference is camel crush is regular flavor without popping the capsule, and if you decide to, one dose of menthol. Camel crush, which also come in lights (in a white box) if you don't pop the capsule, it is a regular menthol cigarette. But after you pop the capsule in the camel menthol, WHAM. Double dose of menthol. I personally enjoy it, although I can pop pretty much any menthol cigarette. I very rarely reach for a non-menthol, the only one I can think of is marlboro reds.

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